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 Hold List For Fall Semester 191

Note: For a quick search of ID, type (Ctrl + F) to open find on your browser. This hold list was last updated on June. 16, 2019.

SrStudent IDMajorHold Reason
1201805700MBAGMAS 450 or above
2201805440CEMGRES Q-156
3201807080COEENGS 79iBT or above,GRES Q-159  
4201806260MEGRES Q-156
6201804720MEGRES Q-156
7201805540MEGRES Q-156
8201804340ENVSGRES Q-156
9201803860EMGRES Q-156
10201805520ISEGRES Q-156
11201805200SCEGRES Q-156
12201804460CEMGRES Q-156
13201806580EEGRES Q-156
14201804020ENVSGRES Q-156
15201806680MBAGMAS 450 or above
16200792710MBAGMAS 450 or above
17201806540MBAGMAS 450 or above
18201805720CEMGRES Q-156
19201804400EMGRES Q-156
20201806640TELEGRES Q-156
21201806040MEGRES Q-156
22201804260MBAGMAS 450 or above
23201805800CHEMGRES Q-156
24201707830PHYSENGS 68iBT or above
25201806520CHEMENGS 79iBT or above,GRES Q-159  
26201802060CEMGRES Q-156
27201806280EMENGS 68iBT or above
28201806200COEENGS 68iBT or above,GRES Q-156 
29201350490MBAGMAS 450 or above
30201804820EMGRES Q-156
31201801240CHEMGRES Q-156
32201256120MEGRES Q-156
33201806160CHEMGRES Q-156
34201803020MATHGRES Q-156
35200969170CEMDCR1 ARE 500
36201182050MBAGMAS 450 or above
37201707510SWEGRES Q-156
38201047260MBAENGS 68iBT or above
39201129650MBAGMAS 450 or above
40201804480MBAGMAS 450 or above
41201806620MBAGMAS 450 or above
42201806760CEMGRES Q-156
43200615120EMGRES Q-156
44201708950CHEMGRES Q-156
45201704950CHEMGRES Q-156
46201145810MBAGMAS 450 or above
47201804900MBAGMAS 450 or above
48201805940EMGRES Q-156
49201806460MEENGS 68iBT or above
50201805920EEENGS 68iBT or above
51201374590MBAENGS 68iBT or above
52201806860CHEMENGS 79iBT or above 
53201265760SCEENGS 68iBT or above
54199614280EMBAENGS 68iBT or above
55201232080CEMENGS 68iBT or above
56201221200EMENGS 68iBT or above
57201806800CHEMENGS 68iBT or above
58201806500CHEMENGS 79iBT or above
59201806700GEOLENGS 79iBT or above
60201805340CEGRES Q-156
61201535230ASTAGRES Q-156
62201806020EEENGS 79iBT or above
63200736470EEGRES Q-156
64199540610CHEProgress in PhD Program
65199301430PETEProgress in PhD Program