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Note: For a quick search of ID, type (Ctrl + F) to open find on your browser. This hold list was last updated on June. 16, 2019.


   Student IDProvisions/Hold Reason
1201265060DCR1 CE 406, DCR2 CE 318
2201804840DCR1 CE-406
3201904090DCR1 CE-406
4201904390DCR1 CE-406, DCR2 CE-415
5201905290DCR1 CE330, DCR2 CE473
6200969170DCR1 ARE 500
7201904170GRES V-143 Q-156 & A-4.0
8201904450DCR1 ARE-500
9200204980DCR3 CHEM-530, DCR4 CHEM-540, DCR1 CHEM-510
10201805800GRES Q-156
11201806520GRES Test Date 17-JUN-2019, ENGS Test Date 08-JAN-2019
12201806860GRES waived, ENGS 79iBT or above
13201901010GRES Current score not accepted
15201806020GRES waived, ENGS Test Date 08-JAN-2019
16201905130ENGS 68iBT or above
18200721710DCR2 ME-552, DCR3 ME-553, DCR1 ME-551
19199323710DCR3 MSE 503
27201904750GRES V-143 Q-159 & A-4.0
29201705010DCR1 ISE-501
30201806160GRES  Q-156 
31200991590FT Residency Letter
32200261820FT Residency Letter
33200832600FT Residency Letter
34200802940FT Residency Letter
35201703050Exceeding Degree Limit
36201207700Exceeding Degree Limit
37201264100Exceeding Degree Limit
38201264960Exceeding Degree Limit
39199786490Exceeding Degree Limit
40201264800Exceeding Degree Limit
41200863060Exceeding Degree Limit
42201143270Exceeding Degree Limit
43201202060Exceeding Degree Limit
44201154810Exceeding Degree Limit
45201405280Exceeding Degree Limit
46199903170Exceeding Degree Limit
47201309530Exceeding Degree Limit
48201204420Exceeding Degree Limit
49200927890Exceeding Degree Limit
50201191970Exceeding Degree Limit
51201192530Exceeding Degree Limit
52200237380Exceeding Degree Limit
53201605760Exceeding Degree Limit
54201410100Exceeding Degree Limit
55201105950Exceeding Degree Limit
56201408620Exceeding Degree Limit
57201026380Exceeding Degree Limit
58200967010Exceeding Degree Limit
59201192390Exceeding Degree Limit
60201703490Exceeding Degree Limit
61201074560Exceeding Degree Limit
62201407260Exceeding Degree Limit
63200516490Exceeding Degree Limit
64200628940Exceeding Degree Limit
65201265840Exceeding Degree Limit
66201306430Exceeding Degree Limit
67200441820Exceeding Degree Limit
68201267120Exceeding Degree Limit
69201193870Exceeding Degree Limit
70201310350Exceeding Degree Limit
71201603900Exceeding Degree Limit
72201080800Exceeding Degree Limit