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 Vision and Objectives


To establish an interactive platform that facilitates a healthy pipeline of Saudi future faculty through the recruitment, development, and retention of qualified GAs and Lecturers with continuous monitoring, support, and guidance. 


To facilitate a healthy growth of Saudi future qualified faculty.


The office works consistently with academic departments and faculty affair in the following dimensions to enrich KFUPM with qualified future faculty

  1. Assist academic departments in tracking and hiring future faculty.
  2. Follow-up and assist GAs and Lecturers with their scholarship applications.
  3. Assist abroad GAs and Lecturers in all academic and logistic issues.
  4. Prepare soon-to-graduate lecturers to join as faculty.

1. Assist academic departments in tracking and hiring future faculty

  • Project the needs of GAs and lecturers for each department.
  • In coordination with SSC, organize frequent seminars to all undergraduate students to improve their understanding of Academia and academic career path, such seminars will inspire students' to keep high academic performances.
  • Organize meetings with honor students soon-to-graduate (i.e., explain the benefits of becoming a faculty) to explore their expectations and future plans.
  • Assist nominated honor students in their application and hiring processes.

2. Assist GAs and Lecturers with their scholarship applications

The office was mainly established to targets local GAs and lecturers to optimize their abroad admission time, to minimize their scholarship approval time, to increase their admission quality (to top-tiered universities), and to build an excellent research capability and quality and enhance the teaching skills of the future faculty. Examples of oriented workshops offered for GAs and Lecturers at KFUPM   

  • Educate newly joined GAs and Lecturers to understand their rights, responsibilities, and KFUPM's expectations.
  • Organize regular meetings with the graduating Ph.D. to share their experiences (e.g., application and admission).
  • Organize workshops on TOEFL/IELTS, GRE/GMAT.
  • Organize workshops on Admission Applications to Top Tier schools.
  • Review of admission application files.
  • Follow-up with scholarship approvals.
  • Award/incentives for getting early admission, getting admission on the top-tiered university, etc.
  • In coordination with DSR, organize frequent workshops on technical writings.
  • In coordination with DSR, future faculty should establish an early connection to KFUPM's research projects, they should design their research to meet with the Kingdom's needs and demand.
  • In coordination with DAD: Organize workshops to enhance learning and teaching skills.

3. Assist abroad GAs and Lecturers in all academic and logistic issues

  • Evaluate students' academic files (e.g., courses, qualification exam, dissertation, extensions, change university) and provide the needed advice.
  • Facilitating promotion processes (e.g., GAs completing MS abroad could be promoted to lecturer without reporting).
  • Award/incentives are allocated to those (under review).
    • Completing their degree on or before the allocated time.
    • Producing quality journal publication during the study.
    • Completing certification on teaching and learning methodologies.
    • Recruiting candidate Ph.D. colleagues who fit KFUPM needs.
    • Assist GAs and Lecturers in getting abroad admissions.