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 Mission and Vision


The Saudi Graduate Assistants (GAs) and Lecturers Office is established and managed by the Deanship of Graduate Studies (DGS) and is headed by the Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies, who reports to the Dean.

The office is established to facilitate the proper growth of future faculties to meet with KFUPM expectations.


To facilitate the healthy growth of Saudi future qualified faculty.


To establish an interactive platform that facilitates a healthy pipeline of future Saudi faculty through the recruitment, development, and retention of qualified GAs and Lecturers with continuous monitoring, support, and guidance. 


The office works consistently with academic departments and faculty affair in the following dimensions to enrich KFUPM with qualified future faculty

  1. Assist academic departments in tracking and hiring future faculty.

  2. Follow-up and assist GAs and Lecturers with their scholarship applications.

  3. Assist abroad GAs and Lecturers in all academic and logistic issues.

  4. Prepare soon-to-graduate lecturers to join as faculty.