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 Guideline For Uploading Thesis/Dissertation Through EPrints

The Deanship of Graduate Studies requires all graduate students to upload their theses/dissertations through the new research repository at KFUPM, ePrints, using the guidelines provided below. Please note that this is only for those graduate students who have to submit their thesis/dissertation as a part of their degree completion.

  1. Go to the URL:
  2. Click the Login button, which can be found on the website menu.
  3. Enter your KFUPM username and password after which you will be logged in to e-Prints. (If you do not have a KFUPM username / password, please contact ITC 860 3900).
  4. Click the button “New Item”.
  5. Select the item type as “Thesis” and then click “Next” on the top or bottom of the page.
  6. Click browse to find the location of your document. The document to be uploaded is one PDF file containing the whole thesis/dissertation including the scanned green cover page and the scanned stamped signature page.
  7. Click “Upload” to upload the browsed file.
  8. As soon as the document is uploaded, a couple of options appear.
  9. Two options are to be modified:
  10. “Visible to” option to be changed to “Registered User only”
  11. “Embargo Expiry Date” to be changed to a date when you want this document to be publicly accessible. A maximum of one year can be chosen. 
  12. Click “Next”.
  13. Enter all the obligatory items on this page and click “Next”.
  14. In the section for choosing the subjects, select the subjects in which the thesis/dissertation falls and click “Next”.
  15. Click “Deposit Item Now”.
  16. Click Logout Button to logout of the system.
  17. After this step, the document will go to the Deanship of Graduate Studies for approval If any discrepancy is found, it will be returned to the student for modifications.​