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 FAQ (Admission Status)

What is the admission status?

A: To be a regular graduate student at KFUPM, the students are required to fulfill the admission requirements (please refer to Page-44 of Graduate Bulletin which can be found at Generally, students who fulfill all of the admission requirements are admitted with Regular status.

Who are admitted as Provisional Students? 

A: Some students lacking in some of the admission requirements or are required passing some deficiency courses, are also admitted as Provisional students. Such students are required to fulfill the provisions before properly starting their graduate studies. 

What should I do to get my Provisional Status changed to Regular? 

A: First of all, a provisional graduate student is required to fulfill all the provisions stated in the Admission Letter. After fulfilling all of the admission provisions, a student must apply for change-of-status through an academic petition to be duly approved by the Department Graduate Coordinator, Chairman and the Dean of Graduate Studies. The academic petition form can be found at  

How can I check whether or not my admission status is changed?

A: Within a week of submission of the request for the change-of-status, the student will receive feedback by email
from the Deanship of Graduate Studies. If after a week of submission of the request for the change-of-status and
there is no feedback from the Deanship of Graduate Studies, a student can check his academic summary page through
the Graduate Studies page in the student's portal. If the admission status is not yet updated in the academic summary
page, the student should follow up with the Academic & Auditing Reception of Deanship of Graduate Studies which can
be reached at and at telephone numbers 860-1692 and 860-1004.