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 FAQ(Change Of Major)

How to start the process of change of major?

A: In order to begin your major change process, you must discuss with the Graduate Coordinator and Chairman of your current Department as well as that of the Department you wish to change your studies major to.

How to apply for Change of Major?

A: A student can initiate the Change of Major process online by submitting a "Change of Major Request" available on the Graduate Studies page through KFUPM portal 

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What are the available majors that the Graduate Studies at KFUPM offer?

A: Please visit for information

There are so many majors, so how do I decide on one?

A: Detailed information on majors can be found in the Graduate Bulletin

( This guide provides you with the important information about the majors and degree programs offered at KFUPM. You can find the description, prerequisites, and admission requirements for every major in the Graduate Bulletin. In case of any further information is required, please contact the concerned department. The email addresses of all of the Department Chairmen and Graduate Coordinators can be found at and respectively.