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 FAQ (Comprehensive Examination For PhD Students)



What is a PhD Comprehensive Exam?

A: The purpose of the comprehensive examination is to ensure that a student advancing to candidacy for PhD degree has sufficient knowledge in his subject area that enables him to undertake Ph.D. research in his field of specialization. Detailed information on PhD Comprehensive Exam can be found in the Graduate Bulletin (can be found at Also, a student should meet with their  Departments' Graduate Coordinators for guidance and departmental policies regarding PhD Comprehensive Exam.

How do I register for the PhD Comprehensive Exam?

A: The student should schedule for his PhD Comprehensive Exam in consultation with the department's Graduate  Committee. Also, the student must be registered for the Seminar course (XXX-699) in the same semester of passing the PhD Comprehensive Exam.

What is the deadline for passing PhD Comprehensive Exam?

A: The student has to pass a comprehensive examination not later than the end of the second year from the student's enrolment in the Ph.D. Program.