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 FAQ (Degree Plan)


What is a Degree Plan and why do I need to submit a degree plan?

A: Degree Plan is a list of courses that the student selects to be counted towards his degree in agreement with the approved coursework plan of the corresponding program of study. The Degree Plan enables a student to choose the courses only from the pool of courses available for his particular degree program and is useful for avoiding any hassles at the time of student's graduation. The degree plan should include the minimum requirements for degree completion and not all the courses taken are required to be in the degree plan

What is the deadline for submission of a degree plan?

A: All students must submit their degree plans preferably during the first semester or latest by the mid of second semester from the enrollment in the graduate degree program. 

Where can I go for help in completing my degree plan?

A: Start with the Graduate Coordinator in your department. The Degree Plan should be filled as per the typical degree plan outlined in the Graduate Bulletin: 

How can I submit the degree plan?

A: The degree plan should be submitted online through the Graduate Studies page in the student's portal. After submission, it will be sent for approval by your department's Graduate Coordinator and Chairman. After that, it is forwarded to the Deanship of Graduate Studies for the review and formal approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies.

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How long does it normally take for DGS to process degree plans?

A: Degree Plans normally take a week or less to be processed and approved at the Deanship of Graduate Studies. 

 Am I required to check whether the degree plan is approved or not?

A: Through the Graduate Studies page in the student's portal, students could check the current status of their degree plan approvals. If the degree plan is finally approved, the student is notified via email. Likewise, if there is any discrepancy in the degree plan the student will be notified via email (student email account only) along with the required action which the student should adhere with to get the degree plan approved.

What is required if changes are needed in my already approved degree plan?

A: Once your degree plan has been approved, major changes must be requested by submitting a revised degree plan online.