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 FAQ (Graduation Process)


What are the requirements to graduate and pursue degree certificate?

A: The general requirements for all students are;

  1. Provisional status should be cleared and changed to Regular.

  2. Degree Plan is approved and the transcript is in compliance with it.

  3. The department has requested the Deanship of Graduate Studies to process the graduation.

  4. CGPA is at least 3.00  

Additional requirements for the candidates of thesis-based degree programs are;

  1. Thesis/Dissertation is successfully defended and the report is submitted to the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

  2. A final draft of thesis/dissertation write-up is submitted to the Deanship of Graduate Studies for review and discrepancies (if any, found) are communicated to the student for correction.

  3. Final thesis/dissertation write-up is approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies after student revised the write-up based on discrepancy (if any) enumerated.

  4. Three bound copies of Thesis/Dissertation is submitted along with 2 CDs containing the pdf of the Thesis/Dissertation final write-up. Visit Thesis/Dissertation CD Sticker Template.

  5. Thesis/Dissertation is submitted and a pdf copy has been uploaded through the ePrints system for more information, please visit ( ). 

In addition to the above, Research Assistant and Lecture-B are required to submit the Clearance form for KFUPM staff for completion/termination of the employment contract as Research Assistant or Lecturer-B. This form is available from the Staff Affairs in the Deanship of Faculty & Personnel Affairs.

Part-time Students are required to fulfill the following in addition to the above;

  1. The tuition fee is paid fully. Payment can be made through ATM cards at the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

  2. Clearance form for part-time students is to be downloaded online through Graduate Studies page in the student's portal. An original copy of the "Clearance Form" is submitted to the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

Generally, how long does it take to get a degree certificate once the entire requirements are fulfilled?

A: The procedure of graduation and degree certificate starts when The student has submitted a graduation processing request online and the department has recommended its processing to the Deanship of Graduate Studies. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, it takes up to one working week to verify and validate the completion of all degree requirements before the University Registrar is notified to complete the graduation and degree certificate issuance process.

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What is the Degree Completion Time-limits?

A: The following table shows the Degree Completion Time-limits:

Degree Full/Part Time Max. Semesters
MSc. Full-time 5
Master Full-time 5
MBA Full-time 5
M. Eng. Full-time 5
PHD Full-time 10
MSc. Part-time 10
Master Part-time 10
MBA Part-time 12
M. Eng. Part-time 10
PHD Part-time 14