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 FAQ (Public Oral Defense Of Thesis/Dissertation)


What is Public Oral Defense of Thesis/Dissertation?  

A: A public oral defense of the M.Sc. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation is required for all candidates for a Master of Science
(M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degrees. This defense is not normally required for the Master degrees that do
not require a thesis.

What is the last day/date to defend the Thesis/Dissertation?

A: The last day/date of the classes (can be checked from the University Registrar's website is the last day on which the thesis/dissertation defense can be held.

What are the periods in which Thesis/Dissertation defense is not allowed?

A: A student cannot defend Thesis /Dissertation in the first week of the semester; during final exam period, summer semester or official studies breaks

What are the requirements of Public Oral Defense of Thesis/Dissertation?

A: The following lists the requirements of the public oral defense of thesis/dissertation.

  1. The admission status of the student is Regular.

  2. The student fulfills the minimum CGPA requirements (CGPA ≥ 3.00) of the University.

  3. A degree plan is approved.

  4. Thesis/Dissertation proposal is approved according to the deadlines mentioned in the next Q & A.

  5. The student is registered for thesis/dissertation in the intended semester of defense.

  6. The student has already completed the coursework requirements for PhD students (or he will complete in the current semester for MS students).

  7. The student submits thesis/dissertation public oral defense request online through "Graduate studies" tab in the student portal. The Online request must reach the Dean of Graduate Studies, at least two working weeks prior to the planned defense date; for his approval and announcement to the public.

What is the minimum duration needed between proposal submission & oral defense request?   

A:  For MS Thesis, at least one semester with at least 4-month period separation. For PhD Dissertations, at least two
semesters prior to the planned oral defense date with at least 9-month period separation.

How can external committee members attend Thesis/Dissertation public oral defense?

A: The University policy requires all members of the thesis/dissertation committee, including the external members,
to attend the thesis/dissertation public oral defense by being physically in the premises of the University.
However, video conferencing can be employed for external member(s) residing outside the Kingdom only.