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What Are The Registration Hold Types, How Is Student Placed On Hold And How To Remove Each Registration Hold Types? 

A: The following table summarizes the types of holds on student's registration and how to remove the hold:

Hold type When and how hold is removed?

Provisional Admission status Hold; Student with pending admission conditions (such as TOEFL and/or GRE/GMAT or deficiency course(s)) are placed on registration hold in the second semester if scores submitted are not acceptable.


Upon submission of acceptable scores (in the case of TOEFL, GRE or GMAT conditions) or grades (if it is due to deficiency course(s) conditions).

Removal of the hold is through the Deanship of Graduate Studies. Students with GRE/GMAT as conditions are waived from them upon securing a GPA of 3.5 or higher in their first semester upon passing two graduate courses.


Hold due to exceeding the degree time limit; students exceeding the maximum time limit of their programs are placed on registration hold.


Upon satisfactory progress in the program attested through a detailed progress report explaining the delay reasons, progress, accomplishments so far, remaining milestones and deadlines. The progress report shall be approved by the thesis advisor, the department chairman and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Removal of the hold is through the Deanship of Graduate Studies.


Hold due to registration issues:

1)      Not early registering.

2)    Not having advisor approval for registration.

3)      Set as expected to graduate.

4)      Not submitting registration confirmation.

Removal of the hold is through the following:

1)      Academic department.

2)      Academic department.

3)      Academic department.

4)      Registrar office.

4 Others; failure to comply with some Graduate Studies regulations could also result in placing students on registration hold. E.g. failure to submit copy of National ID, failure to select Thesis/Dissertation advisor in the mid of the second semester (for MS) and mid of 3rd semester (for PhD), not consulting CAAC for FT students under warnings and failure to settled pending tuition fees (PT only) when exceed SAR 5,000.

Removal of the hold is through the Deanship of Graduate Studies upon complying with the needed requirements.


What is early registration?

A:  Towards the end of every semester, continuing students are expected to early-registered for courses for the next term through registrar web at a specified period. Check the current academic calendar on the registrar website  

How do I submit registration confirmation?

A: All students who early-registered for a term are expected to confirm their registration through the web on registration day at the specified time. Check Registrar website for early registration confirmation period for graduate students

What are the consequences if I failed to submit registration confirmation?

A: If you do not submit registration confirmation through the web on the registration day, you will be fined for late registration fee at the late registration counter. The fine amount is SAR50 for each day delay until the last day for the late registration. However, failure to submit registration confirmation through either web or late registration counter will result in dropping your courses for that semester.

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