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 FAQ (Tuition Fees For Part-Time Students)

What is the tuition fee for Graduate Studies?

A:  All part-time Graduate Students are required to pay tuition fees according to the regulations available here. The tuition fees for different students are as follows:

  •  SR300 per credit hour for Saudi part-time graduate students.       

  •  SR550 per credit hour for non-Saudi part-time graduate students.

  •  SR550 per credit hour for part-time pre-graduate students (both for Saudi and Non-Saudi).

A VAT amount of 5% applies to tuition fees for registered courses starting from semester 172 onwards.

How to pay the part-time tuition fee for Graduate Studies?                                       

A: Tuition fee payment can be made as follows:

  1. The tuition fee is only payable through ATM/Debit Cards. No cash or credit cards are accepted for tuition fee payment.

  2. In order to pay the tuition fee, the student must visit the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

  3. Upon any payment made by the student, he must acquire a stamped receipt of the tuition fee paid (see below the sample of the receipt). This will ensure that the payment made has been duly entered into Banner and is counted towards the tuition fee balance of the student.

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What Is The Deadline For Tuition Fee Payment That Could Be Pending For A Part-Time Studies?

A: Deadline for tuition fee payment is the end of the second week of the semester, i.e. right after the "Last day for dropping a course(s) without permanent record" as published on the University Registrar's website ( 

Students who exceed this deadline will be put on hold for registration confirmation in the semester to follow. 

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