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 Seminar: Patentability Of Thesis And Dissertation

In the 11th May, have invited our patent attorney Mr. Richard C. Litman, CEO of Litman Law Offices Ltd, U.S.A  to do a seminar on how to get Patent on your Thesis. The aim of the seminar was to provide awareness about patent rights of thesis/dissertations to all University Graduate Students (M.S/PhD). Mr. Lyman's law firm has been working for KFUPM U.S. patents for more than seven years. His expertise is in protecting and profiting from Intellectual Property.

Seminar Topics  

What Scientific Researchers (students) Need to Know about Patents

Topics covered:

  • The different types of Intellectual Property (IP),
  • The value of IP rights,
  • The best practices in pursuing IP rights,
  • The best practices in disclosing your research to avoid losing patent rights
  • How patent information can be used to accelerate innovation
  • The role of scientific researchers in technology development and commercialization.

 Short Biography of  Mr. Richard C. Litman

Registered Patent Attorney Richard C. Litman helps clients protect and profit from Innovative ideas. He has three law degrees:

a Juris Doctor degree received with honors, two advanced law degrees. He was the recipient of the Food and Drug Law  Institute's postdoctoral fellowship while he pursued his degree in Patent & Trade Regulation Law. He has been a lawyer for over 30 years and is a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and many other courts. His law firm represents prestigious universities and technology innovators throughout the world. He is chairman of a US commercial bank in the Washington, DC area, is the founder of the 2500+ member Global Academic Innovation Network (GAIN), and is Managing Director of Arabic Innovation Management (AIM), a multinational joint venture chaired by His Highness Prince Bander A. Al Saud. AIM arranges and manages multinational collaborative relationships involving university-based research, technology development, and commercialization.

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