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Hold List for Spring Semester 162

The HOLD list for Fall semester 171 is posted online at
The HOLD list contains the names of graduate students who are still on Provisional Status due to some pending admission
provisions in addition to those who have any requirements pending to be fulfilled, as stated in the list. All graduate
students in the list are required to clear their provisional status or fulfill the stated requirements before
August 21, 2017. To clear the provisional status, students are required to submit academic petitions to their academic
Departments with proofs of satisfying the provisions stated in their Admission Letters for approval of the Deanship of
Graduate Studies.
Please note that provisional graduate students who fail to clear their provisional status will NOT be allowed to
confirm their registration for the Fall Semester 171. In addition, submission of the registration proofs of the
required exams such as TOEFL/GRE/GMAT will NOT be enough to register for Fall Semester 171. This policy
will be STRICTLY applied to ALL provisional graduate students.
Therefore, all graduate students in the HOLD list are required to take this seriously and act urgently in
order to avoid missing the SFall Semester 171.
If you feel that your name should not be in the HOLD list or for further information, you are kindly advised to contact
the Deanship of Graduate Studies via:
Mr. Ghassan Abusharkh
[Bldg. 68 – Level 2, Room 251]
[Office Phone: 860–2816]

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