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Degree Plan

Degree Plan for M.B.A. in Business Administration
First Semester
ACCT509Financial Reporting and Analysis303
ECON510Managerial Economics 303
OM511Management Science303
MGT512Leadership & Organizational Behavior303
Second Semester
ACCT510Managerial Accounting303
MKT510Marketing Management303
FIN510Managerial Finance303
MIS511Information Technology in Organizations303
Third Semester
OM513Operations & SCM303
MGT580Strategic Management303
XXX5xxElective I303
XXX5xxElective II303
Fourth Semester
MBA510Business Practicum303
XXX5xxElective III003
Total Credit Hours42
Note :
  • ​​Each student is expected to submit his detailed degree plan according to the above generic degree plan for approval by Department and Deanship of Graduate Studies within the 8th week of the second semester of enrollment.

  • Students are required to adhere with the regulations of degree plan. No relaxations will be given to any student and the courses taken in conflict of the above will not be counted towards the degree.

  • ​The order of taking the courses can be different from above but the students must take core courses before the electives.