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Degree Plan

Degree Plan for Master in City & Regional Planning
First Semester
CRP 501 Planning Theory 303
CRP502 Planning Legislation303
CRP 503 Urban & Regional Land Use 303
CRP505 Statistical Analysis in Planning 303
Second Semester
CRP 504 Urban Economics 303
CRP 506 Urban Planning Methods303
CRP 514 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)303
CRP xxx CRP Elective I303
Third Semester
CRP xxx CRP Elective II303
XXX xxx Non-CRP Elective *303
XXX xxx Elective I*303
CRP 599 Seminar 100
Fourth Semester
XXX xxx Elective II*303
CRP 601 Final Planning Project1126
Total Credit Hours42
Note :

  • Each student is expected to submit his detailed degree plan according to the above generic degree plan for approval by the Department and the Deanship of Graduate Studies by the middle of the second semester from enrollment.
  • Students are required to adhere to the regulations of degree plan. No relaxations will be given to any student and the courses taken in conflict of the above will not be counted towards the degree.  
  • The order of taking the courses can be different from above but students must take the core courses before electives.
  • *.At least one of these three elective courses must be from relevant graduate courses offered outside CRP.​