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Master and PhD Programs at KFUPM

List of all Master and PhD programs offered at KFUPM. Click on the respective department to know the Courses offered. International applicants can apply only to Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.B.A. Program with the exception of city & Regional Planning and Medical Physics.

Degree Descriptions :

(Ph.D.) Doctor of Philosophy [Dissertation-Based]

(M.Sc.) Master of Science [Thesis-Based]

(M. Engg.) Master of Engineering [Non-Thesis]

(M.B.A) Master of Business Administration [Non-Thesis]

Master - Non-Thesis Master Program

**Exec. MBA, Supply Chain Management and Oil & Gas Surface Facilities are corporate/ self sponsored programs only for local students. These are not included in online application and require special funding from applicant's corporates or through self-funding. Interested applicants may contact respective department chairmen for application directly.