Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Research Group

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Research Group (ACR-RG ) was established at KFUPM to integrate and facilitate research that focuses on the on the cutting edge and innovative energy efficient technologies in air conditioning and refrigeration that are suitable and reliable under harsh operating conditions, such as those of Saudi Arabia. Research on the implementation and use of Integrated Solar Concentrated Power Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems (SCPRACS) will be of a major emphasis of the Group research. The Group will also work on strengthen the link between the R&D facilities in the local Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry the researchers' capabilities at the university.

Group Members

bullet Dr. Esmail M. A. Mokheimer (Group Co-ordinator)
bullet Dr. S. M. Zubair(ME)
bullet Dr. S. M. A. Said (ME)
bullet Dr. A.Z. Sahin (ME)
bullet Dr. Alaa Hussein (ME)
bullet Dr. Haitham Bahaidarah (ME)


 For more information, contact the group co-ordinator at .