Internal ​Awa​rds​


    Excellence in Research Award    [Guidelines]    [Form]    

In order to encourage a faculty member to be involved in quality research activities, the University gives eight awards annually to distinguished faculty members in their field of specialty.  All faculty members who, at the time of the award, have offered five or more calendar years of continuous service to the University (including sabbatical leave and special assignments) or a total of six years of service, with no more than a total of 12 months of interruption in service, are eligible for the award. The criteria of the award includes: publishing book(s), contribution to a chapter of a book or monograph, issued patents, publications in professional referred journals, presentation of papers in referred proceedings of scientific and professional conferences and meetings, publications in trade journals of professional societies, design of nationally/internationally recognized physical structures and urban planning projects, participation in Ph.D. and M.S thesis advisory committees, completion of approved research projects, invitation to lecture inside and outside the University and citations of article(s) or book(s).



    Best Research Project Award     [Guidelines]    [Form]       

The Best Research Project Award shall be a monetary sum awarded every year to the best three completed research projects which apply for the award in this year, as judged by the Deanship of Research/University Research Committee (URC). The award is intended to serve as an incentive for researchers to focus on production of quality research outcomes, innovative ideas, and establishing future research directions, as well as collaboration and timely completion in execution of research projects.



    Distinguished Professorship Award    [Guidelines]        

The University Distinguished Professor Award is the highest honor that KFUPM can bestow on an outstanding faculty member who demonstrated highly productive and outstanding achievements in research, teaching and community service at the University.  Such a designation recognizes extraordinary, internationally-recognized, scholarly achievements by the recipient in his field as well as excellence in teaching and community service. The University Distinguished Professorship Award is based on competition. The application for the award is made to the Deanship of Research and the final selection and recommendation to H.E. the Rector is made by the University Scientific Council. The term of the University Distinguished Professorship Award is three calendar years. A maximum of two awards are granted University-wide every year. At any time, at most two faculty members from the same department can hold these positions. The University Distinguished Professor receives SR 20,000 annually in addition to SR 150,000 as research award, over three years, to be expended by the recipient for research, scholarly activities, graduate students, supplies for other related activities that enhance the success of his scholarly activities.  In addition, the winner is eligible for hiring a post doctoral fellow to assist him in his research work. Eligible faculty members may nominate themselves for the award or be nominated by their department or by any two faculty members.



    High Impact Paper Award    [Guidelines]    [Form]

The High Impact Paper Award is proposed to recognize the KFUPM faculty members and Researchers who have generated a high-impact publication that has been accepted for publication in top-quality journals. This award will also encourage the faculty and researchers to target their papers for publication in top-quality journals in their fields.



    Highly Cited Paper Award    [Guidelines]    [Form]

The Highly Cited Paper Award is proposed to recognize KFUPM faculty members and researchers who have generated high-quality publications that have received high recognition by other researchers in the field. This award will also encourage faculty and researchers to carry out seminal work that attracts interest from other researchers.



    Early Career Researcher Award     [Guidelines]    [Form]

The primary function of the University is the creation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Thus a successful University provides fertile ground where knowledge is advanced. Through imaginative and relevant research, the faculty contributes to and provides leadership in the solution of many of the problems faced by society. It is a truism that the quality of teaching at the university, and the viability of its graduate programs are directly related to the quality of research and scholarship of its faculty. To reward research achievements and foster an environment in which significant and meaningful research can blossom, King Fahd University of Petroleum and minerals has established a new annual award to be bestowed to its faculty who has achieved excellence in research early in their academic careers under the “KFUPM Early Career Researcher Award”.



External ​Awa​rds​



بادرت شركة المراعي المحدودة عام 1420هـ باقتراح لإنشاء جائزة وطنية سنوية للإبداع العلمي تهدف إلى دعم وتشجيع العلماء والباحثين والمخترعين في المملكة تحت إشراف مدينة الملك عبد العزيز للعلوم والتقنية ، وقد توجت هذه المبادرة بموافقة سامية كريمة تتكون الجائزة من ثلاثة فروع هي : 1- جائزة العالم المتميز تمنح الجائزة للعلماء المقيمين في المملكة العربية السعودية ممن لهم إسهامات علمية متميزة في مجالات العلوم الأساس والعلوم التطبيقية والتطويرية والابتكار . 2- جائزة العمل الإبداعي تمنح الجائزة للأعمال الإبداعية في مجالات العلوم والتقنية (بحوث منشورة ، وبراءات اختراع ، وتصاميم صناعية وغيرها من الأعمال العلمية والإبداعية) للمبدعين في المملكة العربية السعودية . 3- جائزة الأبحاث العلمية ( للنساء ) تمنح الجائزة للبحوث في المجالات العلمية الأساس والتطبيقية والمعدة من قبل الباحثات في المملكة العربية السعودية 


     Shoman Young Arab Researcher Prize    جائزة  عبد الحميد شومان للباحثين العرب الشبان    

تسهم المؤسسة إسهاما مباشر و غير مباشر في البحث العلمي العربي و تنشيطه عن طريق مؤسسات أو لجان أو أفراد، شريطة أن يؤدي البحث إلى زيادة المعرفة و أن يكون ذا فائدة عملية للوطن العربي، و يشمل اهتمام المؤسسة بمختلف البحوث و الدراسات في العلوم الطبيعية و الأساسية و التطبيقية و التكنولوجية، و كذلك في العلوم الإنسانية بأبعادها التنموية، حسب أولوياتها للوطن العربي. [المزيد] ن



International Scholarship Programs​

The International Scholar Program aims to foster research collaboration with internationally renowned universities and researchers around the world. Three major scholar programs are open only to Saudi faculty from all the universities within the Kingdom. A brief description of these programs is presented in this section.


1). British Council Summer Program (UK)   [Guidelines]    [Form]    

The British Council Summer Research Program (BCSRP) is a post-doctoral program designed to encourage Saudi faculty members to execute their research projects in British universities. The program carries a fixed financial grant from the British Council of £5,250 towards the cost of travel and other expenses, in addition to 16 days per diem support from KFUPM. The program duration should not be less than 8 weeks and cannot exceed 12 weeks. During the selection process, preference is given to those applicants who have never availed themselves of this opportunity in the past and also to those who have not obtained their doctoral degrees from the U.K.



2). Fulbright Scholarship Program (US)   [Guidelines]       

The Fulbright Scholarship Program (FSP) is a post-doctoral program designed to encourage Saudi faculty members to execute their research projects in US universities. The program is jointly funded by the United States Information Services and KFUPM for a duration ranging from three months to one year, to be spent at the host institution in the USA.



3). Japan Petroleum Institute Exchange Program (Japan)   [Guidelines]    [Form]       

To promote technical cooperation with researchers from universities and national institutes of petroleum refining in oil-producing countries, the Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) invites the nomination of researchers for the JPI Research Exchange Program once every year, for researchers with interests that are suitable for Japanese organizations based on the understandings between both parties. Selection of applicants is highly competitive and only highly rated applicants will be shortlisted from all the applications received by JPI. The exchange program is open only to Saudi faculty members. The program duration is between one and two months depending on the program content. JPI provides the following benefits: (1) Expenses necessary for stay as describe the guideline; (2) Official transportation fee in Japan; (3) Overseas Travel Accident Insurance. In addition to the listed benefits provided by JPI to the visiting researcher, KFUPM provides 16 days per diem to each of the participants upon delivering a seminar on the main findings of their research after their return from Japan and after submitting a detailed report on their achievements. The nominated candidates are forwarded to the JPI International Cooperation Committee, who will deliberate and decide on the best candidates for the program.