Conference Committee


Purpose and Functions

The University Conference Committee shall have the responsibility of reviewing and recommending modifications to the regulations, reviewing the applications for attending conferences/workshops and other training courses and advising H.E. the Rector with regard to the University’s support to the faculty for attending such scholarly events.​

The Status of the University Conference Committee is on a par with other Standing Committees appointed by H.E. The Rector and it will consist of a Chairman, and three appointed members from among the University faculty, and a Secretary to record the Minutes.


The charges of the University Conference Committee are as follows:

  1. Review and recommend modifications to the regulations and the requirements for attending conferences, workshops or special training courses.
  2. Create, review and update the database on international and regional conferences as well as training courses.
  3. Evaluate and recommend to H.E. the Rector approval or otherwise of all applications submitted for conference and training course attendance.

Method of Operation

The University Conference Committee shall meet regularly and when convened by the Chairman. Following each meeting, the chairman shall report about the convening of the meeting to the Dean of Faculty & Personnel Affairs.

Review Process:
The University Conference Committee shall review all applications for conference/workshop and training course attendance, on the basis of their technical merit and importance as well as the significance of such conferences/workshops/training courses.

The University Conference Committee shall keep accurate records of all meetings and all formal recommendations made. These minutes shall be forwarded to H.E. the Rector through the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research. The approved minutes shall be kept in a permanent file and shall be available for review by the Vice Rectors, the Academic Deans, and the Academic Department Chairmen.

The Committee shall report to H.E. the Rector through the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research. Written reports shall be made at appropriate intervals, containing the official recommendations of the Committee. They shall be made a part of the permanent University Archives.

The Committee shall apply the conference attendance policy regulations established by the Scientific Research Council and approved by the University Administration.

The University Conference Committee shall propose procedures to expedite the process of reviewing of conference/workshop, short course and training course applications especially for Saudi Applicants starting from the initial application through the departments to H.E. the Rector’s approval. The Chairman of the academic department and the Departmental Research Committee shall be delegated by the Department Council to forward the preliminary approved conference and training course applications without waiting for the final Department/College Council approval. The final decision shall contain the approval of both the University Conference Committee and the Department/College Council.

Year 2012-2013
  • Dr. Naser M. Al-Aqueeli
  • Dr. Nouari Saheb
  • Dr. Abdullah Laradji
  • Dr. Aimane Maleh
  • Dr. Razali Matzin

Year 2011-2012
  • Dr. Naser M. Al-Aqueeli 
  • Dr. Nouari Saheb
  • Dr. Abdullatif Al-Shuhail
  • Dr. Fiazuddin Zaman
  • Dr. Amine Nehari Talet