Distributed Control Research Group

The Distributed Control; abbreviated henceforth as DC-research group is formed to undertake interdisciplinary research into unified approaches to control design, on-line computation and networked communications and to cope with the widespread applications of systems engineering areas. The members of the Group will be striving at the integration of the advancements in the individual areas, they aim at examining some renewed areas including interconnected systems, networked and embedded systems, remote control strategies, robust control with design constraints, control engineering methods and techniques with limited communications.

Group Members

bullet Prof. Magdi Mahmoud (Group Co-ordinator)
bullet Dr. Marwan H. Abu-Amara (COE)
bullet Dr Abdul-Wahed Al-Saif (SE)
bullet Dr. Moustafa El-Shafei (SE)

 For more information, contact the group co-ordinator at dcrg@kfupm.edu.sa .