Intelligent Systems

Intelligence is a general cognitive function of human brains that entails a set of skills in problem solving. It reflects the capability to perceive and learn from experience, discover knowledge and engage in various forms of reasoning and planning under uncertainty conditions, act autonomously to achieve and optimize its objectives, solve complex tasks, and adapt to changing situations. The development of computing machines and programs, such as robots and software agents, that mimic the capability of human brains in solving complex problems is gaining a growing role in several real-world and industrial applications. Numerous advances and developments in all aspects of Intelligent Computing Systems (ICS) have been witnessed over the years.
The aim of the ISRG is to promote research and development on various aspects of artificial intelligence, machine learning and soft computing techniques and their interdisciplinary applications that can benefit both private and public sectors in the Kingdom in many areas including education, government, agriculture, bioinformatics, healthcare, business and finance, oil and gas exploration, petrochemical industries, environment, communication networks and information security. This goes in line with the National Plan for Strategic and Advanced technologies, under the information technology program, which fosters and supports national research that could lead to technological products and to establishing advanced industries, which contribute to the advancement of the national economy and support sustainable development.
The Group will also enable and foster knowledge sharing among researchers who have common interest in Machine learning; Soft Computing; Artificial Intelligence; Bio-Inspired Optimization and Evolutionary Computation; Autonomous Agents and Decision Support Systems; Predictive and Adaptive Systems; Applications in Communication Networks; Pattern Recognition; Speech Recognition; Computer Vision; Data Mining; Information Retrieval; Biometric Identification and Information Security; Software Engineering; Biomedical and Bioinformatics; Intelligent Control and Automation; Intelligent Tutoring and Assessment Systems; Computational Modeling and Statistical Data Analysis.

Group Members

bullet Dr. El-Sayed M. El-Alfy (Group Co-ordinator)
bullet Dr. Radwan Abdel-Aal (ICS)
bullet Dr. Moustafa Elshafei (SE)
bullet Dr. Mohammad Abido (EE)
bullet Dr. Wasfi Al-Khatib (ICS)
bullet Dr. Tarek Helmy (ICS)
bullet Dr. Zubair Baig (COE)
bullet Dr. Mahmoud Elish
bullet Dr. Salah Adam
bullet Dr. Moataz Ahmed
bullet Dr. Abeeb Awotunde
bullet Mr. Faisal Alvi