Maintenance Research Group

Maintenance is defined as the combination of activities by which equipment, assets or systems are kept or restored to a state in which it can perform its designated function. It is an important factor in product quality and can be used as a strategy for successful competition. Maintenance plays a critical role in preserving and prolonging equipment and assets life cycle. It is emerging as an interdisciplinary field and currently knowledge is being generated in this field. On the other hand, over the last four decades the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has developed a huge infrastructure and an industrial base in petrochemical and petroleum industry that requires effective and efficient maintenance. The importance of maintenance has been realized in the Kingdom's developmental plans. Specifically item 10 of the second principal in the sixth developmental plan (1415-1420 H) emphasizes the need to include maintenance and operation as an integral part of any project and all considerations should be made at the design stage to minimize maintenance requirements as much as possible.
The maintenance research group (MRG) will focus on activities related to the broad area of maintenance. Maintenance is an interdisciplinary filed of research that requires expertise in different areas. These areas include Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Management and other areas. The group brings together faculty and students from various fields to work on interdisciplinary research projects which focus on problems relevant to local industry needs. The Group will conduct theoretical and model-based research, empirical research and detailed field-based studies of maintenance problems.

One of the prime targets of the MRG is to enrich the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students. MRG will enhance the educational process in a multidisciplinary environment by providing students with the opportunities to conduct industrial projects to satisfy senior projects, co-op and Master Thesis requirements.

The faculty members and the staff of the MRG have been actively engaged in maintenance teaching, training and research for three decades. The faculty members within the Group have authored several books and established an international Journal, The Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering (JQME), published by Emerald in the United Kingdom. In teaching, the faculty members have been offering undergraduate and graduate courses on maintenance planning and control for the past decade. In addition, they have been conducting training courses to industry on regular basis.

The Group aims to become a focal point of knowledge generation and dissemination in the area of Maintenance Engineering and Management.

Group Members


Prof. Salih O. Duffuaa (Group Co-ordinator)

bullet Dr. Mohamed A. Ben-Daya (SE)
bullet Dr. Umar M. Al-Turki (SE)
bullet Dr. Hesham Al-Fares (SE)
bullet Dr. Mazen Al-Rougi (SE)
bullet Dr. Sami El-Ferik (SE)
bullet Dr. Mohammed Addas (SE)
bullet Dr. Mohammed Durgam (SE)
bullet Dr. Anwar Khalil Sheikh (ME)
bullet Dr. Abdel Rahman Shuaib (ME)
bullet Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Hammad, (CEM)


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