Reservoir Characterization Research Group

The Interdisciplinary Research Group for Reservoir Characterization (IRGRC) is a team of geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers working in areas related to reservoir characterization. Reservoir characterization is an integrated study of the reservoir rocks in terms of geological and geophysical macro- and microproperties for the purpose of assessing the hydrocarbon potential of the reservoir and to provide information for the optimal exploration, development, production, enhanced oil recovery and management policies. To achieve this aim a multidisciplinary approach is needed, and we want to provide this by our Research Group comprising of specialists from diverse fields of Hydrocarbon Studies (Applied Mathematician, Geophysicist, Well Log Analyst, Sedimentologist, Micropaleontologist, Clay Mineralogist, Geochemist, etc.)

Group Members

bullet Prof. Gabor Korvin (Group Co-ordinator)
bullet Prof. Ahmet Umran Dogan (ES)
bullet Dr. Aldo Vesnaver, Geophysicist. “Saudi Aramco Chair Professor” (KFUPM ESD)
bullet Dr. Michael A. Kaminski (ES)
bullet Dr. Osman Abdullatif (ESD)
bullet Dr. Khalid Ramadan (ESD)
bullet Dr. SanLinn Ismail Kaka (ES)


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