Theoretical Physics Research Group

The group provides for local physicists (faculty, researchers, and students) the means to improve their contribution to physics through national and international collaborations on issues of current interest. The Group conducts theoretical work in quantum physics at a significant level of quality and quantity as can be judged by the research output being published in reputable and highly cited international journals (e.g., Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. A & B, J. Phys. A & B, J. Math. Phys., Phys. Lett. A, etc.). Currently, the Group concentrates on analytic solutions of kinematical wave equations and highly accurate evaluation of the dynamics of quantum mechanical systems including scattering problems both in the relativistic as well as non-relativistic domains, recently few members of the group got interested in nonlinear physical phenomena and future publications in this field are to be expected. Students (males and females) are especially at an advantage and stand to benefit from the work ethics of the Group. Many have already published articles in prestigious journals towards their graduate degrees. Visits are organized by the Group for “external” and “associate” members to visit the Group in Dhahran and for “local” active members to visit centers of excellence in physics inside and outside the Kingdom. One-day mini workshops (each known as “Theoretical Physics Day”) are frequently organized by the Group centered on the contribution(s) of visiting scholar(s). However, one of the major Group contributions to physics in the Kingdom is the establishment of the “Saudi Center for Theoretical Physics (SCTP)”.

Group Members

bullet Prof. Hocine Bahlouli (Group Co-ordinator)
bullet Dr. Saeed Al-Aamoudi (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Saad Eddin Abdelmonem (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Saeed Al-Marzoug (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Ibraheem Nasser (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Haidari (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Ahmed Jellal (PHYS)
bullet Dr. El-hasan El-Aaoud (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Ahmed Bouketir (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Usama Al-Khawaja (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Hichem Eleuch (PHYS)
bullet Dr. Jassem Al-Alawi (PHYS)