Wireless Broadband Communication Research Group

The rapid advances in information technology during the past three decades has shifted the communication paradigm particularly in wireless communications resulting in new research areas and issues. In view of these developments, the Wireless Broadband Communication Research Group (BWRG) has been established to assemble a critical mass of researchers to do research in emerging issues in wireless communication and networks.

Group Members


Chair Prof. Asrar U. H. Sheikh (Group Co-ordinator)

bullet Dr. Maan Kousa (EE)
bullet Dr. Azzedine Zerguine (EE)
bullet Dr. Adnan Al-Andalusi(EE)
bullet Dr. Mohamed Derchie(EE)
bullet Dr. M. Abdul Haleem (EE)
bullet Dr. Wassam Mesbah (EE)
bullet Dr. Ashraf Mahmoud (COE)


 For more information, contact the group co-ordinator at wbcrg@kfupm.edu.sa .