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RRMO History​

​​​​RRMO is a dedicated office for planning and development of lab resources which has been established recently at KFUPM with an aim to organize and maintain labs as per the international standards and to assure the lab safety.

This office can be considered as a hub for complete data related to Research Labs, Equipment & Staff with the prime to avail information and to facilitate sharing & managing the equipment. Accordingly a database has been created which includes all the relevant information about the laboratories and equipment with their location, specifications, model, photographs and responsible faculty/researcher or engineer.​


In 2012, the University formed the Research Resources Management Office (RRMO) as part of its commitment to enhance the oversight of the laboratories' administrative and operational Management.

H. E. The Rector forms a permanent Committee for research laboratories and equipments directed by Dr. Naser Al-Aqeeli. The Committee studied the status of all teaching and research laboratories, reviewed international standards and practices, and propose mechanisms to updated and use laboratories, as well as the development of a database of equipment in laboratories and the system of use especially that used in research.

After the Committee defined the RRMO plan, mission, and tasks clearly, they came with the following two recommendations:

  1. In order to tackle the stated problems in a timely manner for solving these problems, the Committee recommended that there should be a dedicated office, “Research Resources Management Office (RRMO)”, for planning and development of lab resources within KFUPM.
  2. The Committee recommends hiring TWO officers for the above recommended office, one officer will be responsible for overall management of the data and other related office issues and the other officer will be responsible for safety related issues.

The two recommendations were approved by the H. E. the Rector and the RRMO established official in June 2012.

In its first year, the RRMO successfully gathered most of the required data, launched online equipment database, and developed an online equipment reservation system.

Since then, the RRMO staff continues to work with the laboratories and all precious equipments, keep the database refined and up to date. ​