Labor Affairs Unit

Labor Affairs Department is affiliated to the Department of Staff Affairs which is responsible to handle the following major functions:
  • Entertain requests from various academic and administrative departments of the University to hire manpower on labor slots according to their needs, in accordance with the Government policies and KFUPM rules and regulations. 
  • Entertain applications/CVs of local candidates for open positions on labor slots, complete their profiles, conduct interviews, arrange necessary tests with the department heads concerned, and complete other formalities. 
  • Entertain applicants approaching personally to apply for jobs and provide them with needed information and guidelines. 
  • Prepare employment contracts of laborers approved for appointment by the University. 
  • Correspond with concerned departments and with concerned Government departments on various matters relating to recruitment of Laborers. 
  • Receive newly appointed laborers, prepare their joining reports, issue KFUPM ID cards, and complete all necessary formalities in respect of their initial reporting to duty. 
  • Keep in touch with the Ministries concerned, the Police Department, the Ministry of Civil Service, and other government organization to resolve various matters relating to labor affairs. 
  • Process annual vacations, sick leaves, emergency leaves, leaves without pay, and duty-leaves for working personnel. 
  • Study and process promotion cases as per the University standard policies, rules and regulations. 
  • Study salary adjustment requests, process extension of contracts, change of job titles and/or ranks, transfers, resignations, and final settlement of accounts, etc. 
  • Maintain up-to-date Data Entry in the existing Computer System for any changes occurring in the employment status of the labor force from time to time. 
  • Keep an up-to-date record of files of all in-service labor force as well as those left after serving the University.