Employee Relations Unit

The functions of the unit staff relations
The reception of requests for the holidays of all kinds, prepare and communicate the management of salaries and sections and staff.
The reception of requests for the orders of to issue tickets or compensation.
The issuance of certificates of service of all types.
To receive orders to deduct absence of request and to take the procedure followed in that.
The issuance of decisions to turn the restriction and liquidation of the rights of staff and communication of the Department of salaries and the Ministry of Civil Service, The Public Foundation for retirement.
The preparation of the records of promotions and study awards of the staff.
The preparation of the records of the renewal of contracts for contractors and increasing salaries.
The preparation of annual allowance data.
The preparation of statements annual performance reports, recording career in computers.
Registration data for new staff, and the statements of promotions in the computer.
To address all sections and departments at the university and to respond to their queries.
The majority of those tasks completed computerization, ERP system.