The Supporting Services Department (SSD) is responsible for carrying out many diversified, but important tasks, which can be grouped into the following three headings:



SSD is maintaining a large collection of audiovisual (AV) materials, including microforms, videocassettes, CDs and DVDs. Microforms mainly include back volumes of periodicals, research reports, theses, dissertations, and newspapers and housed on the ground floor of the Main Library. The Library has a fairly large collection of videocassettes of scientific and technical information, lectures, seminars, etc. The collection of CDs and DVDs is growing fast and becoming popular among users. AV materials are fully cataloged and are accessible through online catalog. They can be either used in the library auditorium equipped with all the required machines and gadgets for use, in other university facilities, or at home. SSD encourages the academic departments to select suitable AV materials in support of their programs so that the collection is enhanced and updated regularly.



The auditorium, located on the ground floor of the Library is used for classes, lectures and seminars. It is equipped with machines suitable for using all different types of AV materials, such as 16mm motion pictures, audio and videocassettes, film loops, videotapes, slides, multimedia kits, transparencies and various other media The university community is encouraged to make use of the Library Auditorium, which can be booked in advance by Applying though the Ask A Librarian Page​




Security of the library collection equipment and physical facilities is a major responsibility of the Department. It is ensured by installing 32 cameras in the library for providing surveillance of all stack areas to prevent theft and mutilation of books. Security persons sitting at the exit counter monitor pictures coming from all 32 cameras during the entire hours of library operations. They also go around all floors of the Library see that everything is in order. 

SSD makes sure that safety rules related to electrical outlets, wiring, emergency lights, fire hydrants, smoking, and others are observed by the library staff and users. Fire extinguishers and fire alarms are checked regularly so that they are ready to be used in case of emergency. 
The SSD Manager coordinates regularly with the University Safety and Security Committee and the KFUPM Security Department to get new information, advice, rules and regulations for implementing them in the library. He also interacts regularly with Maintenance, Office Services and Purchasing departments and the KFUPM Press for improving physical facilities in the Library. ​