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 Evaluation Criteria

Student Grading Policy in the Presentation of AE Coop (AE 350/351)

Presentation of AE coop training (AE 350) is 30 % of the overall grading.

The AE Coop students will be graded and their presentation will be evaluated according to the following further break down:

Category Weightage
Presentation clearly presents the coop experience, case studies and design problem 10
Presentation performance and clarity (Language, Clarity, Style, Illustrations, i.e. graphs, models, multimedia, etc.).  20
Knowledge of the subject and response to questions. 10
Effort put in and experience gained from the Coop training.  20
General appearance of the final report10
Report presents sufficiently detailed case studies from student's training 10
Report shows a well formulated and finished design problem.10
Report stating the conclusion and citing references clearly10