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 Facilities & Labs

The University facilities available to the AE Department include an excellent information technology center and a modern computerized library. In addition, the Department has the following laboratories that are used for teaching and research purposes.

  • Aerospace Simulation Laboratory
  • Wind Tunnel Testing Facility
  • ​Airplane Laboratory
  • Aero Structures and Composite Materials Laboratory
  • Aero and Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
  • Avionics and Radar Tracking Laboratory
  • Flight Dynamics & Control and UAV Laboratory
  • Computational Facility
  • Research Facilities
  • Other Facilities and Laboratories​

Aerospace Simulation Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with a flight demonstration wind tunnel to demonstrate flight simulation, a flow visualization wind tunnel to study flow over different shape of bodies and a cockpit flight simulator to acquaint students with the knowledge of different phases of flight.

Wind Tunnel Testing Facility

The laboratory is primarily designed to carry out both fundamental and applied research in shear flows, aerodynamics of streamlined and bluff bodies, super-sonic flow, etc. The laboratory has two sub-sonic wind tunnels, open loop and closed loop with maximum velocities of 40 m/s and 65 m/s respectively.​

​Airplane Laboratory

The AE Department is equipped with a Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft BAC-167 (Strike Master). The students use this lab to become familiar with the principles of the real aircraft and to do several measurements related to aerodynamic performance, flight dynamics & control, flight structures, propulsion and avionics systems.

Aero Structures and Composite Materials Laboratory

This laboratory contains several pieces of equipment such as different structures made of different materials, an engine, landing gear and other aircraft parts that are used for demonstration, inspection and experimental purposes

Aero and Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

This laboratory contains several equipment related to aerodynamics and fluid dynamics. The lab is focused on prediction, observation and understanding flow separation and active flow control.

Avionics and Radar Tracking Laboratory

This Laboratory enables students to engage in aeronautical, radio navigation, radio communication and radar tracking.

Flight Dynamics & Control and UAV Laboratory​

Basic concepts of guidance, navigation and control of rotary-wing aircrafts is taught to the students. Also, the concepts of angular displacement, velocity and acceleration are taught to students using various equipment like high-end gyroscopes. The lab is also intended to be utilized for designing  and development of small-scale UAV's.

Computational Facility

The Department has a good number of state-of-the-art computers with advanced software like ANSYS, MATLAB etc. It is utilized in several courses to teach students the concepts of numerical methods, design and control of systems etc. It is also used in conducting computational research by faculty and students.

Research Facilities

Some of the research facilities and supporting instruments in the AE Department are listed below:

  • A subsonic wind tunnel facility.
  • A shock tube apparatus.
  • Internal six-component wind tunnel strain gauge balance.
  • A supersonic impinging jet.
  • Hot wire anemometers.
  • Flow visualization equipment.
  • Pressure and velocity measuring probes.

Other Facilities and Laboratories

Inside the University, the Department has cooperative links with various departments in the College of Engineering and other colleges, such as the Mechanical Engineering Department, which has laboratories like the Advanced Materials Science Laboratory, Dynamics Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Heat Transfer Laboratory and Materials Science Laboratory. Moreover, the AE Department has close ties with the Research Institute of the University, which is an excellent and well established research center.

Outside the University, the Department also has a close working relationship with the aerospace and aviation industry. The University is located next to King Abdul-Aziz Air Force Base and Dhahran Airport, and is a few kilometers from King Fahd International Airport and Saudi Aramco Aviation. The AE Department utilizes the wide spectrum of technical facilities offered by these excellent organizations.​