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 Former Faculty

Mr. Syed Naveed Ahmed
M.S., 1999, Osmania University, India


​Area of Specialization:
Aerodynamics, Gas Turbines Propulsion, Thermo Fluid, Finite Element Analysis

Dr. Prasetyo Edi
Ph.D., 1998, Cranfield University, UK

Assistant Professor​​

​Area of Specialization:
Aircraft Design and Aerodynamics

Dr. Muhammad Khalil Ibrahim
Ph.D., 2002, Nagoya University , ​Japan

Associate Professor​​

Area of Specialization:
Aeroacoustics & Flow induced Sound and Vibration, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Nano-science Technology

Dr. Farooq Saeed
Ph.D., 1999, University of Illinois at urbana Campaign, USA

Associate Professor​​

​Area of Specialization:
Aerodynamics, Gas Propulsion, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Aerospace Design

Dr. Muhammad Hawwa
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, USA

Associate Professor​​

​Area of Specialization:
Mechatronics, Continuum Mechanics, Noise and Vibration Control, Smart Materials and Structures

Dr. Ayman​ Hamdy Kassem
Ph.D., 1998, Old Dominion University, USA

Associate Professor​​

​Area of Specialization:
Flight dynamics and Co​ntrol, Guidance and Navigation, Space Dynamics, Optimization, Flight Structures

Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al-Garni
Ph.D., 2003, University of Michigan, USA

Assistant Professor​

Area of Specialization:
Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics, Wake Flows, Flow Field Measurements, Propulsion

Dr. Hanafy Muhammad Omar

Ph.D., 2003, Virginia Tech, USA

Assistant Professor​​​

Area of Specialization:
Dynamics and Control of Flight Vehicles, Guidance, Industrial and Applied Control, 
​Active Vibration Control, Intelligent Control Systems, Flight Structures

Mr. Mueyyet Tozan
M.S., 1980, Bosphorous University, Istanbul


Area of Specialization:
Aerodynamics, Aircraft System and Maintenance, Flight Safety

Mr. Ahmad Jamal
M.S., 2002, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA


​Area of Specialization:
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics