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 Senior Design Project

​AE 411
Senior Design Project I

A course that integrates various components of the curriculum in comprehensive engineering experience so that the basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering sciences which the student has learned in his freshman-to-senior years of study can be applied. It considers design of a complete project or system including establishment of objectives and criteria, formulation of the problem statements, preparation of specifications, consideration of alternative solutions, feasibility considerations. and detailed engineering designs. The design should take into consideration appropriate constraints such as economic factors, safety, reliability, ethics and environmental and social impact. Submission of a written report is an essential requirement for completion of the course. Team design projects, where appropriate, are highly encouraged. [Details]
Senior standing and approval of the Department.

AE 412
Senior Design Project II

Continuation and completion of project started in AE 411. Public oral presentation and submission of final written report of the design project are essential requirements for the completion of the course. [Details]
AE 411​