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 Summer Training Details

​AE 399 – Summer Training

Catalog Data:             AE 399: Summer Training.  Credit 0.

A continuous period of 8 weeks of summer training spent in the industry working in any of the fields of Aerospace Engineering. The training sh ould be carried out in an organization with an interest in one or more of these fields. On completion of the program, the student is required to submit a formal written report of his work.

Prerequisite: ENGL 214 and Approval of the Department

Textbook:                    None.

References:                None.

Coordinator:               Dr. Ahmed Z. Al-Garni, Professor of AE.

Course Objectives:

1. To expose the students to the applied engineering environment.

2. To prepare students to successful careers.

3. To instill in students an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.

Prerequisites by Topic:   None

Topical Outline:                None

Design Projects:

Most students get involved in design activities during the training period.

Computer Usage:

Almost all students deal with computers daily during their training period. The level of involvement varies according to the type of assignment.

Evaluation Methods (EM):

1.  Progress and Final Reports

2.  Company Evaluation

Students Learning Outcomes:

For Course Objective 1

1.  An ability to relate classroom learning to work experiences. [EM: 1, 2]

For Course Objective 2

1.  An ability to function in multi-disciplinary teams. [EM: 2]

2.  An ability to communicate effectively. [EM: 2]

For Course Objective 3

1.  An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility. [EM: 1, 2]

2.  Enhancing relationship between the Department and the industry. [EM: 2]

Laboratory Projects:  (None)

ABET Category Content:    

Engineering Science:                 0 Credit

Engineering Design:                   0 Credit

​​Prepared by:       Dr. Ahmed Z. Al-Garni                Date: 22/11/1425H. (02/01/2005G.)