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 Undergraduate Program

​​The Aerospace Engineering program at KFUPM is meticulously designed to prepare students for careers in Aerospace Engineering. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is reinforced by training periods so that the graduate engineer is capable of serving society effectively. The undergraduate admission criteria is mentioned on the KFUPM ad​missions​​ website​​.​

The requirements for the degree are the successful completion of 133 credit hours, comprising general education requirements, core requirements and electives. ​ In the early stage of the program (Freshman year), students are provided with the fundamentals of mathematical and scientific subjects upon which engineering subjects depend. During the middle stage of the program (Sophomore and Junior years), students study a broad range of subjects that form the foundation of the Aerospace Engineering discipline. In the final stage (Senior year), each student may elect to specialize in one branch of Aerospace Engineering by selecting the elective courses in his area of interest. These areas are Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics, Flight Dynamics and Control, Aerospace Structures, Propulsion and other related fields (such as Aerospace Systems Maintenance, Flight Traffic Control and Safety, Avionics, Electroni​c Warfare, Radar, Helicopter and Astronautics).​

​ The Aerospace Engineering B. S. Program offers two option​s:  Science and Applied. The philosophical difference between these two options is that the applied option is oriented towards obtaining practical training in industry during a 28-week Co-op period between the junior and senior years, while the Science option is more oriented towards research and design projects. Both options have been accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Compare between the Science and Applied Options​​​

Undergraduate Course Description​​.