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 Strategic Plan

​​​Goal One
To adopt a more systematic approach for quality assurance and monitoring the program progress through benchmarking and key performance indicators.

  1. Review and revise current quality control procedures related to strategic planning, identification of key performance indicators (KPIs), performance targets and benchmarks; and take actions needed to ensure a quality teaching/learning environment
  2. Develop and adopt clear and unified procedures for capturing and documenting the required data on regular bases for planning and quality control procedures
  3. Conduct systematic procedures to monitor and assess the teaching quality of the Architecture courses, particularly design studio courses
  4. Develop a program level strategic plan and assure a proper implementation of the plan
  5. Adopt a set of Key Performance Indicators to measure Program performance and implement them on a yearly basis to find out how the program performs

Goal Two
To enhance the quality of undergraduate program and seek NAAB (The USA National Architectural Accrediting Board) Equivalence status

  1. Revise the current BS Architecture program in the light of benchmarking its components against corresponding programs at reputable universities and ensure that the revised program meets the NAAB requirements
  2. Seek the NAAB Equivalence status accreditation for the new program
  3. Review and assess the current teaching practices of the Architecture Senior Design Project (ARC 400 and ARC 408) to enhance the Capstone Senior Projects at the Department
  4. Recruit faculty members with distinguished teaching experience, and hire more graduate assistants of high caliber
  5. Assess and improve the teaching spaces in the Design Studio areas to reflect the stimulating aspects of Architecture education
  6. Enhance the department’s resources and facilities through investment in contemporary model making equipment
  7. Increase the engagement of practicing professionals and architects in teaching design studio to bring new ideas and practices in the design studio teaching environment

Goal Three
To expand the research and publication activities of the program focusing on funded research projects.

  1. Recruit and retain faculty members with prominent research records 
  2. Establish Master program to encourage professional and scholarly research in the ARC program
  3. Encourage the development of design research agenda for the Department through encouraging the University to consider design and professional practice as a form of scholarship for funding and promotion purposes, same as the established conventional forms of research and scholarship 
  4. Encourage and support the research agenda of the faculty members through collaboration and establishing research groups Provide opportunities for undergraduate students to to get involved in research activities, including attend national and international conferences and visit reputable universities and professional offices

Goal Four
To develop and implement a community engagement plan that enhance engagement with the College, University and general community, particularly in public service projects.

  1. Continue and enhance the Architecture Lecture Series to facilitate currency amongst the students and faculty as well as interaction with the larger professional community
  2. Develop at least two design exhibitions to increase interaction with the larger community
  3. Engage professional community with the program through activities such as updates about the program and seek their feedback on the proposed revisions to the curriculum
  4. Promoter design studios that target the local community
  5. Promote consultation services for architectural community and the community in general
  6. Adopt a strategy to encourage students and faculty members to participate in and contribute to local and national architectural forums and exhibitions such as the national building heritage symposium and exhibition
  7. Participate in continuing professional education by conducting short courses as a service ​to the design professionals
  8. Establish dedicated activities and programs during the semesters to increase awareness about ARC program and attract new students