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Dr. Amer Alkharoubi
Chairman, Architecture Department
Telephone: +966 (013) 8603594

The mission of the Architecture Department at the College of Design and Built Environment (CDBE) is to educate future architectural professionals who have an ethical and critical approach towards architecture. The Department is committed to training future architects who are creative and critical designers, well versed in the discipline technical and professional knowledge and practice. In addition, developing knowledge and increase awareness on social, cultural and environmental realms of architecture for the ultimate benefit of the built environment and those who use it. Moreover, the academic program seeks to ensure that students of the department are conversant with the opportunities afforded by Information Technology for planning and managing the complex processes, information systems and decision making required to design, develop, and maintain the built environment. It is also part of the goal of the program to produce architects who contribute to preserving the architectural heritage of Saudi Arabia as well as to developing an architectural identity for the country.

The emphasis of the our new architecture program is on architectural design and the application of information technology in design. This emphasis is reflected in the curriculum by the offer of eight sequential semesters of Design Studios backed by lectures in the following essential subject groups:
  • ​Theory and History of Architecture
  • Structures and Building Systems
  • Construction Materials, Methods, and Systems
  • Mechanical and Environmental Support Systems
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Professional Practice
The program also offers the opportunity for minor specialization in the following areas: 
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Urban Design
  • Regional Architecture