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 Admission Requirements & Academic Regulations


  • A high school degree, substantially equivalent in length, content, and quality to the current high school program (Science) of the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Passing the University Admission Test. 
  • Successful promotion from the Orientation Program. 
  • Fulfillment of all other University requirements. 
  • A record of good conduct. 
  • Physical fitness and good health. 
  • Approval of his employer, if he is an employee of any government or private agency. 

An applicant for admission to an undergraduate program at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. He must have a Saudi secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, and have majored in natural or technological sciences.
  2. He is required to take an entrance exam which consists of an aptitude test and a subject test administered by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education.
    • The aptitude test has two components: the verbal and the quantitative. The test is aimed at determining the general capabilities of students in the two areas mentioned above.
  3. The University assigns certain weight to the three components, i.e., high school grade, the aptitude test and subject test scores. A cut-off point is decided for the weighted average of the applicant's grades in the three components and the eligible students are pronounced successful for admission.
  4. The number of students accepted is limited to the number of seats available as decided by the University Council based on the capacity of resources at the University.
  5. The applicant must submit the required documents to the University within a specified period.
  6. An applicant who has graduated from a secondary school system outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must have completed twelve years of combined primary and secondary school studies from a recognized school.  He is also required to provide an equivalency certificate from the Saudi Ministry of Education. In addition he is required to take the aptitude and subject tests.

Admission to KFUPM is highly competitive. As explained above, applicants are granted admission in accordance with an overall evaluation on the basis of their academic record plus the entrance examinations, but only to the extent permitted by the maximum number of new admissions established for each academic


Student Responsibility
Students are responsible for knowing and following the academic rules and regulations, including the requirements for graduation. Faculty advisors will assist students in planning their academic programs, but are not expected to relieve students of this responsibility.

Academic Advisor
Each student at the University is assigned an academic advisor who will assist the student with matters relating to scheduling, course selection, registration, and the like. The advisor is a faculty member in the academic department in which the student is enrolled. The advisor of all first-year students is the Director of the Preparatory Year Program.

  • Advisors assist students in the following ways:
  • Selecting a degree program consistent with the student's goals and ability. 
  • Interpreting and understanding the academic regulations. 
  • Informing the student of the sequence of required and elective courses in his degree program and suggesting electives. 
  • Monitoring the student's progress and assisting with possible drop/add decisions. 
  • Acting as an initial approval agent for pre-registration, registration, and scheduling transactions. 
  • Assisting in course substitution, if necessary.