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 Undergraduate Elective Courses

A​RE    440   Solar Energy in Buildings: (3-0-3) 

Principles of solar energy collection, conversion, storage and distribution. Solar water heating, space heating and cooling applications, components and systems. Passive solar strategies. Computer applications.
Prerequisite: Senior Standing or Consent of Instructor

ARE    442   Building Energy Analysis: (3-0-3) 

Application of thermal sciences to the evaluation of building energy systems; energy estimating methods; computer models for estimating building energy consumption; applications of various energy analysis computer programs; design methods for reducing energy consumption in buildings.
Prerequisite: ARE 322 or Consent of Instructor

ARE    443   Computer-Aided Building Design:  (2-3-3) 

Introduction to Computer-Aided Building Design (CABD) software packages, their potentials, and limitations. Production of building systems design using computers. Use of computers in space planning, cost analysis, structural design, building services layout, mechanical systems, energy analysis, lighting analysis and design, and room acoustics evaluation. Choice of a software upon given conditions. Use and application of selected package(s) for various building applications.
Prerequisite: ARE 221 or Consent of Instructor

ARE    444   Knowledge-Based Systems in Buildings:  (2-3-3) 

Computer-based decision making problem solving, database and integrated approaches. Introduction to the theory of artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems in architectural engineering . Conceptual design of CAD systems involving knowledge base approach. Overview of available Expert Systems shells, their potential and limitations. Applications of selected packages in building design problems.
Prerequisites: ICS 102, ARE 221 or Consent of Instructor

ARE    445   Structural Masonry:  (3-0-3) 

Masonry materials and their characteristics, non-load bearing wall construction, load bearing wall design, basics of design for vertical loading and lateral forces, stability and types of load bearing walls, structural elements and forms. Design of single-story structures, reinforced and post tension masonry. Masonry architecture, vault and dome design. Complete design project, site visits and practical applications. Computer applications.
Prerequisite: CE 305 or ARC 222

ARE    446   Planning and Design of Structural Systems:  (3-0-3) 

Fundamental concepts in planning, design, and construction of complete structures. Design philosophies and criteria. The nature of loads and probabilistic determination of design loads. Selection of structural systems for buildings. Approximate analysis for preliminary design. Utilization of computers in structural engineering. Special problems in tall building.
Prerequisite: CE 305 or ARC 222

ARE    450   Artificial Lighting Systems:  (3-0-3) 

Introduction to different lighting systems. Lighting requirements under different working conditions. Detailed understanding of artificial lighting sources. Quantity and quality of light for various architectural spaces. Polar curves for various artificial lighting sources. Design of artificial lighting systems for avoiding glare. Artificial lighting design of outdoor spaces.
Prerequisite: ARE 325 or Consent of Instructor

ARE    452   Daylighting Analysis and Design:  (3-0-3) 

Introduction to daylighting. Sources of daylighting. Solar spectrum and its relationship to daylight availability. Weather phenomenon and daylighting. Concept of cloudiness and design sky: Performance of building materials with respect to daylighting such as reflectivity and absorption. Decomposition and decoloring of materials under daylight. Detailed study of daylight transmission through openings with shading devices. Solar geometry and design of sun-shading devices. Computer and lab methods for the study of daylight in buildings. Design of openings in desert areas with respect to glare and overheating.
Prerequisite: ARE 325 or Consent of Instructor 

ARE    455   Room Acoustics:  (3-0-3) 

Acoustical phenomena in enclosed spaces. Sound absorbing materials and constructions. Acoustical requirements for the design of enclosures for speech and music (e.g. studios, auditoriums, and multipurpose halls). Techniques for evaluating room acoustics performance. Sound reinforcement systems; principal uses, basic elements, and loudspeaker systems. Computer applications in sound behavior modeling and evaluation.
Prerequisite: ARE 320 or Consent of Instructor

ARE    456   Noise Control in Buildings:  (3-0-3) 

Noise sources and their effect. Transmission of noise in buildings; air-borne and structure-borne noise. Sound isolation and sound insulating construction. Mechanical systems noise and vibration. Noise control techniques. Computer applications.
Prerequisite: ARE 320 or Consent of Instructor

​ARE    457   Introduction to Building Maintenance Management:  (3-0-3) 

Basic concepts of building maintenance management. Classification of maintenance types, work orders types, planning and scheduling of maintenance works, maintenance contract types. Organizing preventive maintenance activities. Maintenance contract documents.
Prerequisite: Senior Standing

ARE    458   Quantitative Methods in Construction Management: (3-0-3) 

An introduction to the application of modeling techniques to problems in construction management. Topics include the application of linear programming, transportation and assignment techniques, materials management, queuing and simulation.
Prerequisite: Senior Standing

ARE    459   Contracts and Specifications: (3-0-3) 

Contract documents, divisions of specifications, types of specifications, technical divisions options and alternatives, contracts, time and money, changes bonds liens, government contracts, general conditions, special conditions, proposal form, instruction to bidders, invitations to bid, checking, interpretation of specifications, and computerized specifications. Saudi standard public works contract.
Prerequisite: Senior Standing