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 History of ARE Department

​About Architectural Engineering Department  
The KFUPM's Architectural Engineering Department was originally established in 1975 under the College of Engineering Sciences. In 1980, the program formed the nucleus of the newly established College of Environmental Design. The program aims to prepare high school graduates for professional engineering careers in the construction industry. 
The department is one of four departments in the College of Environmental Design (CED) here at KFUPM. Over the years, we have graduated people who have become successful in their careers. To date, we have graduated over 350 students who have earned the Bachelor of Science degree, while more than 20 students have acquired the Master of Science/Master of Engineering degrees from our department. Our student body is typically made of people from many different nationalities; especially in our graduate program where people from different countries and undergraduate backgrounds come together to learn. Some of our graduate students are also part-timers who have regular jobs in Design, Construction, Maintenance and related companies in the Kingdom.