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CED ​Reference Library​

The reference library of the college supports the research and design activities of student and faculty. The library has a collection of more than 3000 books, back issues of many journals in Arabic and English, and a collection of more than 300 senior projects and Masters theses. The library also has a collection of maps and master plans of the major cities of Saudi Arabia. The Library is linked to the main university library with a computer terminal, thereby enabling a broader search for materials. The library also has a photocopier, for quick reproductions.
The library is usually open during the day, from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.


An audiovisual library also available as a part of the CED Library, this library consists of slides, videotapes and films covering the different aspects of design, architecture, city planning and landscape architecture. The collection includes more than 100 tapes and about 11000 slides. Closely associated with the library is a projection room where the slide and videotape library is kept and can be viewed. The projection room is equipped with VHS and Betamax Video recorders and a large format television. Slide and transparency projectors are also available. The audiovisual library serves as an invaluable aid to  teaching in the college.