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 MS Theses

​​​M. S.Theses  (KFUPM ePrint)

Sr.​ No. ​​​Thesis​​​​ Title ​​ ​StudentName ​​ ​Thesis Advisor ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​Year
The Impact of Air Infiltration on Energy Performance of Single.pdf
​Mohamed Ahmed Makawi
​Dr. Ismail M. Budaiwi
0.pdfDevelopment of a Framework for the Effective Implementation of Building Adaptive Reuse throughout the Project Life-Cycle in Saudi Arabia
​Mohammad Basel Hamida
Dr. Hassanain (S)
A Framework for Organizational Workplace Relocation Office Buildings in Saudi Arabia.pdf
​Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed
Dr. Hassanain (S)​
The Development of A Holistic Framework for The Post Occupancy Evaluation of Polyclinics in Saudi Arabia.pdf
Mohamed H. Salaheldin
​Dr. Hassanain (S)​
Investigating The Impact of High-Rise Building Morphology on Energy Consumption in Hot Climate​
​Ejaaz Ahmed​Dr. Abdou (S)​​​2017
Development of an Assessment Tool for Improving Operation and Maintenance Request for Proposals of High-Rise Building in Saudi Arabia  Aymen Alsarory​
​Dr. Al-Hammad (S)​​​2017
​3Factors Affecting Operation and Maintenance Cost of Hotels in Saudi Arabia​Bakhter Ihsan​Dr. Adel Alshibani​2017
​4​​Investigating The Energy performance of Dynamic Facades Towards Sustainable Office Building in Hot Climate ​Jamilu Adamu​Dr. Abdou (S)​​​​2017
​5​The Utilization of Green Energy in Gaza-Strip Schools for Improved IEQ​Mohammed Qannan​​Dr. Abdou (S)​​​​2016
​6A Framewaork for The Process of Effective Coordination of Building Services During The Design Development and Review Stages​Babatunde Olusegun​Dr. Hassanain (S)​​2016
​7​A Holistic Framework for The Post Occupancy Evaluation of Compus Residential Housing Facilities  ​Muizz Oladapo​Dr. Hassanain (S)​2015
​8Assessment of Energy Performance of Green Roof Effects for a Residtntial Building in Hot Humid Climate​Abubakar Sadiq​Dr. Mohammad Asif​2015
 ​9 ​​​​​​ Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Baharoon, Ahmed ​​​ Dr. Hassanain (S) 2013
​ ​​​​10​​Thesis - Fadi-Fatayer.pdfA Framework for the Involvement of the Maintenance Manager during the Design Development and R​eview Stages ​​Fadi Fatayer Dr. Hassanain (S)​​ ​​2012
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Binlswad, Saleh​ ​Dr. Al-Hammad (S) ​​ ​​2012
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Bahartha, Saleh​ Dr. Al-Hammad (S) ​​ 2012
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Bin Mohanna Ameen​ ​ Dr. Hassanain (S) ​​​​2012
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Mohammed Fasi ​​Dr. Budaiwi (S) ​​2012
​​Thesis - Hamwda.pdf​Assessment of Site Selection Criteria for Office Building in Saudi Arabia ​Hamwda Hassan​ ​Dr. Has​sanain (S) ​​2011
​​ 16
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted Al-Hajji ​Dr. Abdou (S)​ ​​ 2011
​​Thesis - WaheedKhan.pdfAssessment of Thermal and Energy Performance of Building Envelope Using High Definition Thermal Imaging Technique​​ ​Waheed Khan ​Dr. Abdou (S)​​ ​​ 2011
​​ 18
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​​Ahmed Saeed Baharoon ​Dr. Ha​ssanain (S)​ ​​2011
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Najid ​ Dr. Al-Hamoud (S) ​​ ​​ 2010
​​​ Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Jaradah Ismael​ ​ Dr. Abdou (S)​ ​​ 2010
​​ ​​21
​​​​ Thesis - NaserJuaim.pdf​A Frame work for the Identification and Communication of Clients and User ​requirements to Design Teams ​Nasser Juaim ​Dr. Ha​ssanain (S)​ ​​2010
Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Balfaqih ​​Dr. Ha​ssanain (S)​ ​​2009
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​ Al-Mudhei ​​Dr. Ha​ssanain (S)​ ​​ 2009
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​ Najib Taher ​​ Dr. Budaiwi (S) ​​2008
​​Thesis - Ushan.pdf​​A Risk Assessment Approach to Fire Safety Ranking of Student Housing Facilities ​Hafeez Us Shan ​​ Dr. Ha​ssanain (S)​ ​​ 2008
​​Thesis - Saadi.pdf​Envelope Design for Thermal Comfort and Reduced Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings. ​Saleh Al-Saadi ​​Dr. Budaiwi (S) ​​ 2006
​​ 27
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Kamal Bogus ​​ Dr. Ha​ssanain (S)​ ​​2006
​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​ M. Moied Dr. Ha​ssanain (S) ​​ 2005
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​ Imran Iqbal ​​Dr. Al-Hamoud (S) ​​ ​​ 2005
​​Thesis - Harbi.pdfAn Assessment Procedure for Acceptable Indoor Environmental Quality in Health Care Facilities ​Hammad  Al-Harbi​ ​​Dr. Budaiwi (S) ​​2005
​​​ Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Fasiuddin ​​ Dr. Budaiwi (S) ​​2005
​​Thesis - Sabeer.pdfInvesting Smart Classroom Acoustic Utilizing Computer Modeling ​Mir Sabeer ​​Dr. Abdou (S)​ ​​2002
​​​Thesis - Khurshid.pdfImpact Of Building Rezoning & Change of Use On Energy Consumption and Occupents Thermal Comfort ​Khurshid Alam ​​ Dr. Al-Hamoud (S) ​​2002
​​Thesis - Zahrani.pdfAssessment Of Factors Affecting Building Maintenance Management Auditing in Saudi Arabia ​ Abdul Aziz Zahrani ​​ Dr. Al-Hammad (S) ​​ 2001
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Raza Khan ​​​​Dr. Budaiwi (S) ​​2000
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​S. Mazharuddin ​​Dr. Budaiwi (S) ​​2000
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Mousa M.Khan ​​Dr. Al-Hamoud (S) ​​2000
​​Thesis - Majid.pdfAssessment of HVAC Systems Design & Operation For Indoor Air Quality in Saudi Arabia. ​​ ​​2000
Thesis - Al-Majid.pdf​Priority Rating of Public Building Maintenance Work in Saudi Arabia Mohd.Hasan Al-Majed ​​ ​​Dr. Al-Hammad (S)​ ​​1998
​​ 40
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​M. A. Hassanain ​​Dr. Harkness (S)​ ​​ 1996
​​ 41
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Talal Hazmi ​​​​Dr. Al-Hammad (S)​​ ​​ ​​1995
​​Thesis - Al-Nehmi.pdf​​Objective Assessment of Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings​ ​​ ​​
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​ Rabee Reffat ​​Dr. Ali A. Shash (S) ​​ ​​1994
Thesis - Magdy.pdfDevelopment of An Evalaution and Selection Model for Floor Finishing Materials System ​Magdy A.Mahmoud ​​Dr. Al-Hammad (S)​​ ​​1994
​​Thesis - Tawfiq.pdfAssessment of the Problems Facing Maintenance Industry in Saudi Arabia ​Tawfieq Mahmood ​​Dr. Al-Hammad (S)​​ ​​1994
​​​Thesis abstract to be inserted ​Al-Qahtani​ ​​Dr. Al-Hammad (S)​​ ​​1993