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ACADEMIC YEAR 2017 – 2018 (TERMS 181 and 182)




Graduate and Student Admission Monitoring Committee


Shamsad Ahmad (Chairman)

Sharif, Alfarabi

AbdulWahhab, H.I.


Al-Amoudi , O.S.B

Al-Osta, M.A.


  • Supervise graduate students (degree plans, exams, thesis, etc.)
  • Update graduate program policies and procedures
  • Revise and update graduate program
  • Evaluate graduate applications and make recommendations
  • Monitor the progress of graduate students and make recommendations

Undergraduate Committee


Vohra, M.S (Chairman)

Al-Malack, M.H.

Al-Gahtani, H.J.

Al-Abdul Wahhab, H

Al-Gadhib, A.H.

Al-Saghan, I

Mukhtar, F.


  • Revise and update undergraduate courses
  • Finalize the new Environmental Engineering Program
  • Study undergraduate students academic petitions
  • To work on CES Strategic Plan Item # 1: Enhancing Students Learning Experience,
  • Make presentations to the faculty to explain active learning and how it can be infused into courses.
  • Invite guest speakers from other departments who have experience with active learning.
  • Review course outlines and discuss with instructors how active learning can be infused in each undergraduate course.

IT Committee (ITC)


Al-Osta, M (Chairman)

Bouchama, M

Imran Reza

Fahd Zuhair

  • Maintain Department PC labs
  • Maintain the software purchased through the Department
  • Assist faculty in computer-related issues
  • Study existing and future needs for computing facilities
  • Improve and update the department website

Textbook Committee (TC)


Baig, M.G.  – (Chairman)

Al-Gadhib, A.H.

Al-Saghan, I

Al-Zahrani M. A.

Alghamdi, S.A

  • Ensure availability of approved textbooks
  • Receive and process requests of new textbooks
  • Maintain lab manuals

Student Advising & Counseling Committee


Essa, M.H. (Chairman)

Vohra M.S.

Al-Gadhib, A

Assi, K


  • Addressing specific problems related to studying in more structured approach focusing on improving study skills.
  • Assisting students having personal, emotional, and academic problems. 
  • Forwarding recommendations to improve academic advising as well as policies and practices affecting students' success and progress toward graduation.
  • Identifying the reasons behind the low performance of some students and come up with an academic success plan.

Program Assessment Committee



Chowdhury, S (Chairman)

Vohra, M

Essa, M.H.

Shamsad Ahmad

Assi, Khaled

Al-Osta, M.A

Adekunlee, S( Chairman NCAAA)

Al-Saghan, I


Al-Gahtani, H. J.

(advisor by invitation)


  • Develop and conduct the program self-assessment plan for the current academic year.
  • Attend and encourage other CE faculty members to participate in the seminars/workshops organized by the Program Assessment Center of the Deanship of Academic Development (DAD)
  • Review ABET guidelines for continuous assessment.
  • Check the completeness of ABET course files.


Undergraduate Research Committee


Al-Osta M.A. ( Chairman)

Vohra, M.S.

Essa, M.H.

  • To develop guidelines for the undergraduate research course. The objectives of this course should be tailored to:
  • To provide high ability undergraduate students with exposure to methodologies and techniques used in academic research.
  • To facilitate significant individualized interactions between faculty members and students through a multi-term research experience.
  • To promote interest in the pursuit of graduate-level study.
  • To conduct an extended independent investigation that results in the production of a research paper.

Lab and  Safety Committee


Al-Ghamdi, S.A. (Chairman)

Al-Malack, M. H

Mukhtar, F

Al-Sughaiyer, M

Engr. Syed Imran Ali


  • To conduct inspections, twice in each semester, department facilities (offices, labs, workshops, stores, etc.) and send the inspection reports to the HSS Committee, on the attached Safety Inspection form.
  • To eliminate hazards, if any, found in these facilities.  The HSS Committee will review the inspection reports and provide its suggestions to improve the situation.
  • Maintain lab facilities and equipment
  • Recommend work distribution among lab staff
  • Recommend new lab equipment based on department needs
  • Prepare PRs for new equipment

Faculty Recruitment Committee


Alfarabi Sharif (Chairman)

Al-Gahtani, H.J.

Al-Suwaiyan, M.S.

Al-Sughaiyer, M.A.

Al-Dulaijan, S.U.

Al-Amoudi, O.S. B

  • Review and recommend faculty applications received from Faculty Affairs department.



Senior Design Project  (SDC)


Al-Gahtani, A.S. (Chairman)

Al-Zahrani, M.A.

Osta, M.A.

Chowdhury, S


  • Coordinate with the instructors assigned for the course for proper implementation of the 'rules of conduct' (guidelines) set for the Senior Design Project.
  • Coordinate placement of senior design project students with faculty.

Course Offering Committee


Essa, M.H.  (Chairman)

Shamsad, A

Mukhtar, F.



  • To plan for graduate & undergraduate courses offering
  • To be done in consultation with option convener, President of CE Club, Chair of Undergraduate Students Council and Chair of Graduate Students Council.

Department Assessment  and Strategic Plan

Essa, M.H. ( Chairman)

Osta, M.A.

Al-Saghan, I

Assi, K

Adekunlee, S

  • To summarize the Department´s activities during the prior year.
  • To provide appropriate statistics and data, and outline planning for the following year.
  • To ensure appropriate levels of assessment are being conducted and the results of the assessment are appropriately utilized.  
  • To aggregate and interpret assessment information and organize an annual report for decision makers (Chairman)

COOP Committee


Alghamdi, S.A. ( Chairman)

Al-Zahrani, M.A

Mukhtar, F

Bouchama, M

  • Secure training opportunities for coop students
  • Contacting mentors on the performance of COOP students
  • Monitoring progress reports













  1. Graduate Coordinator:                                               Dr. Shamsad Ahmad
  2. Undergraduate Coordinator:                                      Dr. Essa, M.H.
  3. CE Club Advisor:                                                          Dr. Ali H. Al-Gadhib
  4. Civil Engineering Lab Supervisor:                               Engr. Syed Imran Ali
  5. ERP Coordinator (Lab-related matters):                    Engr. Syed Imran Ali
  6. ERP Coordinator (Textbook-related matters):           Mr. Baig, G.H.
  7. ERP DSR coordinator (Project)                                   Engr. Syed Khaja Najamuddin
  8. Coop Coordinator                                                       Dr. S.A. Alghamdi
  9. Summer Training Coordinator                                   Dr. Chowdhury, S
  10. Senior Design Project Coordinator                             Dr. A.S. Al-Gahtani
  11. Student Exchange Program Coordinator                    Dr. F. Mukhtar














CourseCoordinatorOptionGraduate Advisor


CE 101

CE 201

CE 203

CE 261

CE 351

CE 399


Baig, M.

Al-Malack, M

Al-Suwaiyan, M.S.

Al-Sughaiyer, M.A.

Alghamdi, S.A. (COOP)

Chowdhury S. (ST)





W. R. &  E.



Al-AbdulWahhab, H.I.

Al-Shayea, N.A.

Shamsad Ahmad

Al-Suwaiyan, M.S.

  M.Engg.Al-Gadhib, A.H.