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 Advising For Students

​Early Registration Steps | Advising Worksheet | Registration Violations by Students   

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
Early Registration Steps  
Study your degree plan before meeting your academic advisor.
Make sure you get Advisor’s online approval prior to Early Registration
Go to to early register for courses during the designated period. The detailed early registration steps are available at the registrar page. 

  • Students, who do not meet their Academic Advisors for their approval before the deadline given by registrar, will not be able to early register for that term. And a hold will be placed on their record

Early registration hold will be placed on students who have “NO” in the Advisee list. The hold can be removed either thru academic advisor or Department Chairman.  
Advising Worksheet Sample 

Academic Advisor:Academic Term:
Student Name:Major:
E-mail:Cell Phone:
I.D. #:CGPA:
Student Signature:Date:
              Action                                                                                                  Check ( √ )
The student has been handed over (and discussed if needed) the following: 
  • Program curriculum 
  • Program requirements & pre-requisites 
  • Registration violations** 
The following issues have been discussed:   
  • Academic performance and possible ways to improve
  • Course plan for the next two terms
  • The rest of his degree plan 
  • Other actions: 

Registration Violations by Students