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 Our Vision, Mission & Goals

Our Vision is to establish itself as a leading center of Civil and Environmental Engineering education by supporting academic distinction and seeking excellence in teaching, learning, research and public services in partnership with the University.
Our Mission is to maintain a preeminent role in teaching and research by pursuing a policy of rapid adaptation to new knowledge, discoveries, technological advances and emerging economies and to serve the public through dissemination of knowledge and information.  The Department seeks to provide an environment of better learning within which creative thinking, practical skills and self development are cultivated and sustained to produce qualified civil and environmental engineers who will challenge the present and enrich the future.
Educational Objectives
The Civil Engineering programs aim to prepare students who, after few years of their career, will have:
  • Successfully established themselves as practicing civil engineers.
  • Demonstrated in their profession the ability to work as responsible members of a professional team and take leadership roles.
  • Pursued professional career development activities to acquire new knowledge and skills.