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 Water Resources & Environmental Engineering

​Abstracts and Full Texts of M.S. and Ph.D. Theses 

Sl. M.S. Theses Abstracts Year
1 An experimental model study to investigate the effect of scale on dispersion characteristics in chlorine contact chambers. [Download] 1987
2 Bio-chemical treatment of saline domestic wastewater using RBCs. [Download] 1983
3 Effect of denitrification on dispersion of nitrate in saturated porous media. [Download] 1988
4 Environmental considerations in planning of urban areas - a case study of Dammam-Khobar-Dhahran area [Download] 1980
5 Estimating flood quantiles in southwestern part of Saudi Arabia [Download] 1990
6 Evaluating policy changes using a network simulation model [Download] 1985
7 Evaluation of a patented combined water desalination and power generating plant [Download] 1996
8 Evaluation of water quality in KFUPM drinking water system. [Download] 1987
9 Feasibility of biological nitrification process for treatment of fertilizer industry water [Download] 1978
10 Increased runoff through reduced infiltration in Saudi Arabia [Download] 1979
11 Influence of Ozone bubbling activity and reaction Kinetics in Ozone-Wastewater disinfection system [Download] 1983
12 Locating optimum water quality monitoring stations in water distribution networks, using genetic algorithm [Download] 2001
13 Optimal locations of booster disinfection stations in Al-Khobar water distribution system [Download] 2004
14 Quality of desalinated blended seawater in Dammam. [Download] 1987
15 Tertiary wastewater treatment by direct filtration [Download] 1986
16 Treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater using TiO2-Mediated photocatalysis [Download] 2006
17 Treatment of simulated dairy wastewater by electrocoagulation [Download] 2006
18 Treatment of simulated petrochemical wastewater by means of continuous electrocoagulation-ultrafiltration process [Download] 2006
19 Treatment of the oil refinery wastewater using photocatalysis [Download] 2005
20 Trihalomethanes (THMs) formation in a distillation process. [Download] 1987

Sl. M.S. Theses Full Texts Year
1 Biological treatment of hazardous contaminants in sequencing batch reacors [Download] 1989
2 Characterization and treatment of a petrochemical wastewater for reuse [Download] 1992
3 Combined electrooxidation and electrocoagulation processes for the treatment of municipal wastewater [Download] 1989
4 Development of an equivalent dispersion coefficient for a complex contaminant transport model [Download] 2004
5 Dispersion of chloroform in a saturated porous media. [Download] 2002
6 Effect of dissolved oxygen on the adsorptive capacity of a granular activated charcoal for phenol and O-Cresol [Download] 1988
7 Effects of oily sludge landforming on the soils environment [Download] 1992
8 Evaluation of Dammam carrousel treatment plant for nitrogen removal [Download] 1996
9 Experimental investigation of microbial growth in subsurface environment [Download] 1993
10 Fate of secondary effluent flow through porous media. [Download] 1993
11 Impact of process variables on nutrient removal in slow sand filters [Download] 1997
12 Investigation of leachate from a sanitary landfill in Saudi Arabia [Download] 1995
13 Microbial evaluation of Al-Khobar wastewater treatment plants. [Download] 1989
14 Modeling of biological wastewater treatment in sequencing batch reactors [Download] 1997
15 Multiobjective water resources planning under demand, supply and quality uncertainties. [Download] 1993
16 Numerical simulation of groundwater depletion in Al-Hasa area [Download] 1998
17 Numerical simulation of groundwater in the Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer at Shadco project - Eastern Province [Download] 1994
18 Performance of slow sand filters in treating secondary effluent using different sizes of local sand [Download] 1992
19 Predicting short-duration, high-intensity rainfall in Saudi Arabia. [Download] 1990
20 Quality changes of secondary effluent as it passes through amended sand column. [Download] 1997
21 Quantifying crude oil spill volume in homogeneous and layered porous media from product thickness in monitoring wells. [Download] 1998
22 Reliability studies of multireservoir system using stochastic approach [Download] 1997
23 Removal of coliphage and bacteria through slow sand filtration [Download] 1991
24 Removal of iron and manganese with ozone. [Download] 1995
25 Removal of microorganisms through slow sand filtration of chlorinated vs. nonchlorinated secondary effluents. [Download] 1987
26 Risk and hydraulic reliability analysis of water distribution systems [Download] 1997
27 Status of hydrological network in south-western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [Download] 2003
28 Tertiary treatment of municipal sewage via slow sand filtration. [Download] 1989
29 Tertiary wastewater treatment by sedimantation and sand filtration [Download] 1989
30 The Production of activated carbon from local palm-date pits for pollution removal process [Download] 1989
31 Treatment of refinery wastewater using crossflow membrane bioreactor (CF-MBR) [Download] 2003
32 Use of microtubes in the design of optimized trickle irrigation network [Download] 2004

Sl. PhD Theses Abstracts Year
1 Collocation on irregular domains with adaptive hermite element family for transport problems [Download] 1989

Sl. PhD Theses Full Texts Year
1 A groundwater velocity and dissolved oxygen on bioremediation of gasoline-contaminated sandy aquifers [Download] 1995
2 Assessment of the relationship between the spilled LNAPL volume and its thickness in monitoring wells considering the water table fluctuation history [Download] 2005
3 Effect of dissolved oxygen on activated carbon uptake [Download] 1993
4 Study of reaction kinetics of a submerged membrane activated sludge process [Download] 2003
5 Treatise on solute transport in porous media and its modeling for centration-dependent permeability [Download] 1991
6 Treatment of water contaminated with dimethyl phthalate by Fenton, Photo-Fenton and UV/H₂O₂ processes [Download] 2002
7 Unsteady hydrodynamic forces on spheroidal bodies. [Download] 1996