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On November 13th, 2017, the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department (KFUPM) organized a learning trip for the CE 473 students to the Aziziyah Wastewater Treatment Plant. The visit objectives were to realize the importance of pollution control systems for a cleaner and better environment, and also to acquire first-hand knowledge about several different wastewater treatment operations and processes. After reaching the Aziziyah Wastewater Treatment Plant the students along with their instructor, Dr. Mphammed Essa, were welcomed by the plant manager and staff. At the plant conference hall, eng. Al-Dossary, the plant manager, briefed the students about the ongoing activities at the plant. The students were then taken to several wastewater pollution control units including screening, grit removal, aeration tank, secondary clarifier, automatic backwash filters and chlorine disinfection contact basins.

This kind of educational trips will help our students to understand that through education and hard work, opportunities for career success are available to them. The very informative tour and stimulating commentary made valuable use of our student’s limited time.

This trip significantly added to student’s theoretical knowledge on the respective topics. The Civil Engineering Department is very much grateful to the management of Aziziyah Wastewater Treatment Plant for making the visit a memorable and encouraging experience

Dr. Mohammed H. Essa

Organizer of the trip & CE 473 Instructor.​