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 Frequently Asked Questions


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) EM/CEM 599 Announcements


Shall we contact the advisor once we finish the proposal or prior to finish?
Definitely before writing up your proposal. You need to have a small chat with a CEM faculty as this will help you to polish out your intended subject/ topic and state out your research question. More importantly, draw a contour line on your scope of work. This is very important instead been surfaced out unwittingly through endless ocean of thoughts. You may have this chat with more than one faculty.


The deadline for submitting the proposal is end of week 14 or 13? 
Sunday of the 14th week. Failing to meet the deadline will may affect your chances to pass the course.


Is it mandatory to stick to the proposal during the Master report or it could be changed based on the circumstances?
It is not a must, but we don't want a proposal submission that is not serious. You need to do your exercise to prepare a decent research proposal resonating along with the delivered material in EM/CEM 599.


In the proposal, we are required to present only the introduction, literature review and references? Any additional requirements?
Proposal key titles: Introduction, Methodology, and References. Literature review may be as a separated title or may be embedded in the introduction part.


What will happen if I don't advisor's Consent?
You need to check with all CEM faculty members. If you don't get a reply through email. You may approach them over phone. If all your attempts didn't work, then contact the CEM 599 instructor. Failing to get the consent will be considered as the student didn't complete the EM/CEM 599 requirements.


I'm already registered with EM/CEM 600 in this semester. Do I still need to bring advisors consent and upload the proposal?
Yes, you have to upload the consent form filled with your details with a proof of having the EM/CEM 600 registered (you can get it from the registrar portal). You can upload also the full EM/CEM 600 report as you proposal.


 FAQ for EM/CEM 600 Announcements


Question: How many pages I should write and how much similarity index I shouldn't exceed in my EM/CEM 600?
This matter should be discussed with your advisor. In general, the word count for the document is expected to be 6000-8000 words which is the expected size for a journal article. However, the content value should be considered wisely to judge the proper size for the write up. Similarly, the plagiarism index is not judged only by its numerical index. We are more sensitive towards the nature of the plagiarism. For example, a complete plagiarized sentence/paragraph or uncited diagram/table is much worse than defragmented rewording spread around the document. This also should be conferred by the advisor. As a researcher, you are encouraged not to be shy to demonstrate your own thoughts and findings using your daily wording and expressions. 


What to do after presentation i.e. Master of Engineering report binding requirements (Steps after the presentation)
After presenting your EM/CEM 600 work, you should contact your advisor to collect his and the reader's feedback on the work. All corrections should be incorporated and then, the advisor can sign the signature sheet which will be attached to the print out. The final pdf file should include the scanned signature and updated on the BB.


What are the Plagiarism-prevention commercial services

There are two different internet based platforms that offer plagiarism-prevention commercial service s (owned by the same company iParadigms, LLC), namely:

a. Turnitin

b. iThenticate (doesn't store previous unpublished assignments)

Turnitin is expected to declare higher similarity index than iThenticate as it permanently stores students work in Turnitin's private database i.e. it captures similarity with other unpublished work that was tested previously through turnitin engine in any part of the world. Sometimes, if you have parts of your report submitted previously as a course work (term paper/ assignment) then this will be shown in your Turnitin  report and not shown in iThenticate engine.

Students are usually required by schools to submit essays to Turnitin, as a deterrent to plagiarism. In any event, this issue should be discussed between you and the advisor whether he is okay with the level of your report's similarity index.