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​​F​aculty and students in the CEM Department have access to all teaching and research facilities in the University including laboratories, computers, educational aids, and the vast array of references available at the library or through the inter-library service. In addition, the CEM faculty and students have direct access to the CED facilities which include the college library, the micro-computer lab which is equipped with state-of-the-art personal computers and a good collection of software, the materials laboratory, and the audio-visual aids necessary for lectures and special events. For more information on Software Resources, Hardware Resources and Lab booking for Construction Engineering and Management Department and at Colle​ge of Environmental Design. ​
Student's NameThesis Title​Completion Year
Barhamain, Sami Factors affecting Construction Practices in Saudi Arabia1987
Al-Hazmi, Muhammad Causes of Delays in large Building Projects in Saudi Arabia1987
Madani, Haidar Project Management techniques on time & Cost of Building Const. project 1987
Al-Sughaiyer, Muhammad Application of Value-Engg in Public Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia1987
Al-Dulaijan, SalahConstruction Financing in Saudi Arabia1987
Subaia, UbaidConstruction claims in Residential Houses in Saudi Arabia1987
Al-Ofi, Khalaf Optimization of proposed Irrigation Water Reservoir in Al-Hassa Saudi Arabia1988
Aitah, RedhaPerformance study of lowest bidder Bid Awarding System in Gov't. Projects1988
Ba-Humaid, MuhammadImplementation of Statistical Quality Control Concepts in Saudi Arabia1988
Mutauwaa, AbdulazizCauses and Effects of change Orders on the Const. Process1988
Abbasi, KamalJoint Ventures in Construction Firms in Saudi Arabia1989
Mubaiyedh, SalehVendor Evaluation and Quality Auditing1989
Al-Sultan, AhmadDetermination of Construction Contract duration for Public1989
Almusaid, Abdul-Aziz The effect of owner's Design and Construction on Project Quality 1990
Fayadh, Habib Feasibility & Dev. of an Arabic detailed estimating Software1990
Al-Khaldi, ZaitounEssential Factors effecting accuracy of Const. Costs Estimating in Large Buildings in Saudi Arabia1990
Abdullatif, Abdulatif Systematic examine Technique for Planning and Scheduling among Saudi Arabian Construction Firms1991
Abdul-Hadi, NaderFactors Affecting Bidding and Markup Decisions in Saudi Arabia1991
Ubaid, Ahmad Factors Affecting Contractor Performance 1991
Hoque, Abu- NaserFeasibility of Adobe As a Construction Materials : A Case Study1991
Ahmad, Hadeel Thermal Insulation Economics For Saudi Building1991
Al-Alawi, MuhsenContractors Pre-qualification, A Computerized Model for Public Projects in Bahrain1991
Zaki, Mohammed The Role and Practices of Construction Insurance in Saudi Arabia1991
Al-Zamel, SamerConstruction Cost Control In the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia1991
Al-Gunaiyan, KhalidEvaluation of Contract Administration for Public Projects in Saudi Arabia1992
Al-Senan, MazenMultiple Objective LP (MOLP) for Scheduling1992
Al-Musallami, AhmadOwners Satisfaction with Consultancy Practices in Saudi Arabia1992
Jehad, Ahmed An Expert System for Concrete Diagnosis1993
Abdul-Razzag, AhmadQuality Management Practices Among A/E Organization Saudi Arabia1993
Al-Shihah, MansoorThe Effects on Faulty Design and Construction on Building Maintenance1993
Al-Asfoor, MashourComputerized Conceptual Cost Estimating System For Domestic Water Supply Projects.1993
Al-Barrak, AdelCauses of Contractors Failures in Saudi Arabia1993
Al-Hassan, MuhammadFactors Affecting Quality of Pavement Construction in Saudi Arabia1993
Abu-Asbah, Muhammad Construction Productivity Awareness & Improvement Programs in Saudi Arabia1994
Al-Amir, MuhammadComputer Utilization by Construction Contractor in Saudi Arabia1994
Al-Gobali, KamalFactors Considered in Contractor Pre-Qualification Process in Saudi Arabia1994
Al-Bani, MohammedConcrete Estimating and Cost Data for Small Residential Buildings1994
Abu-Al-Noor, MuhammadDesign Fee Versus Design Quality1995
Barghouti, MaherLiability Allocation Among the Parties to Fixed-Price Construction Contracts in Saudi Arabia.1995
Taher, BassamConcrete Repair with Silica Fume Shotcrete1995
Al-Ghamdi, MuhammadEvaluation of Work Sampling as an Indicator of Construction Labor Productivity1995
Al-Naji, AllamThe Appropriateness of Contract Admin. Method for Industrial Projects in Saudi Arabia1995
Ghafli, MuhammadCauses of Delay in Public Projects in Saudi Arabia1995
Al-Razig, AbdallaComputerized AHP Model for Bid/No Bid Decision Problems1995
Al-Tamimi, AhmadAn Integrated Computerized Value Engineering (VE) Technique & Life Cycle Costing System in Saudi Arabia1995
Cunningham, Michael JohnComparison of Accepted Procedures for Determining Schedule Impact1996
Shehabaddin, Tareq Budget Estimating for Boys School Buildings in Saudi Arabia1996
Al-Helali, KhalidDeveloping a Price Index for School Projects in Saudi Arabia1996
Thunaian, SalehCost Estimation Practice for Building by A/E Firms in the E.P., Saudi Arabia1996
Utaibi, Misfer The Relationship Between the project size and the safety level in construction projects 1996
Al-Ajaji, AbdulazizWaterproofing of Roofs of Residential Bldgs. In Saudi Arabia1996
Al-Shehri, MuhammadConstruction Overhead Costs in Saudi Arabia1997
53. Matar, Ali AbbasCost Estimating for Reverse Osmosis Water Project1997
Al-Abu-Saad, SamiProblem of Application of of life Cycle Costing1997
Al-Atig, TawfiqApplication of TQM in Saudi Arabia1997
Al-Amoudi, Waleed Safety of Maintainance in Construction1997
Al-Juwairah, YaserFactors Affecting Construction Cost in Saudi Arabia 1997
Farooq, GulamQuality Management Practices Among A/E Organization1998
Ghazi, ShoebEquipment Management Policy of Major Construction Contractor in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia1998
Al-Ghamdi, SalehDevelopment of Mechanical Works Assembly Cost Data Model for Residential Building in Saudi Arabia1998
Jaroudi, Ali RedaComputerized Multiple Criteria Decision Making Model for Projects, Planning and Implementation1998
Al-Besher, SaeedA Conceptual Model For Consultant Selection in Saudi Arabia1998
Hamed SaggafMeasuring Quality in Service Industry1999
Abdulallah Al GhamdiAn Overview of Construction Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia1999
Bu-Khamsin, MohammadSafety Performance Measurement: A PC Based Evaluation 1999
Darweesh, Ali Measuring the effectiveness of Materials Management for Industrial Const. Project in Saudi Arabia1999
Zaheer, NomanProject/Process Simulation Modelling Using Discrete Event Construction Simulation Languages Stroboscope2000
Al-Dubaisi, AbdulChange Order in Large Building Projects in Saudi Arabia2000
Baig, MansoorSafety Assessment of Industrial Construction in Saudi Arabia2001
Fawzi, YousefAssessment of Contructability Practices Contractors in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia2001
Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Ali Evaluation of the ConstructionEquipment Replacement Policies of Construction Contractors in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia2001
Jalaludin, ShahBuild Operate Transfer (BOT) Project Delivery System in Saudi Arabia 2001
Al-Dhakil, Osama The Effectiveness of Organization Structure of Construction Firms in Saudi Arabia2002
Arain, Faisal Design Construction Interface Dissonances 2002
Rehman, KhaleelCyber Project Management Systems: Corporate Portal Integrating Information2003
Ibrahim Doko AhmadCost Implicationsof Architectural Design Variables2003
Munib AsifCritical Success Factors for Different Project Objectives2003
Ali Al-SalmanAssessment of Risk Management: Perception and Practice of Construction Contractors in Saudi Arabia2003
Mohammed Riaz JaweedAn Implementation Model For Design-Build (D-B) Project Delivery System 2003
Junaid AhcomBenchmarking: Organizational Aspects of Contractors Project Management Elements2004
Mohammed Shafi UddinFactors Affecting the Development of Engineering Consulting Firms2004
Irshad AhmadPotential Impact of the WTO on Saudi Construction Firms2005
Rizwan Baba MohammadDevelopment of a Model for the selection of dispute Resolution method 2005
Mir Farooq AliEfficacy of Contractor Prequalification Model2005
Mostafa DarwishFactors Affecting Design and Doumentation Quality in Construction Industry 2005
Moh'd Kashif Ul UsadDetermination of Performance Measures for Materials Management Process in Industrial Constrution Projects2006
Abdul Wahab FouadEvaluation of Consultant Performance2006
Shah Mohammed IlyasConstruction Contractors Contingency and Assumption of Risk2007
Mubashir AliFinanced-based Scheduling of Linear Repetitive Projects Using Genetic Algorithms2007
Shaik ImranA Systematic Selection of An Appropriate Contract Type Using Fuzzy Logic2008
Ezeldine Fadol Al-KaldiLife Cycle Costing for Selected Structure Materials for Offshore Platforms2009
Mohammed KhalilluddinContract Risk Allocation in Saudi Constructions Projects2009
Ibrahim LubwamaConstruction Project Cash Flow Prediction for Owners2010
Ganiyu Abiden AdekunleSub Contracting Strategy in Industrial Projects2011
Azfar AmaanMulti Critirea Decision making Model for the selection of A/E Professionals2012
Mohd Hisham Abu NemehMulti Critirea Decision making for selection of Construction Contractors in SA2012
Mohammed Abdularahman Resources Levelling Using Improved Genetic Algorithim2012
Ahmed Muhammad Abu-RasEvaluating The Effect of Design-Bid Build Delivery Method on Municipal Projects in Saudi Arabia2012
Hafiz MughalEffectiveness of Project Teams and Their Impacts on the Performance of Saudi Construction Project2013
Qaid Mubarak HadboolA Framework Model for Managing the Buildings Commissioning Process in Saudi Arabia2013
John C. Mosley, Jr.The Effects of Project Delivery Systems on Project Performance2014
Amer AkerQuality Services Problem Affecting Construction Projects in Saudi Arabi A/E's Prospectives2014
Muhammad Saiful IslamCauses of Schdule Delays in Large Building Construction Projects in Bangladesh2014
Hassan Osama MatharConsultants' and Contractors Perception of Critical Success Factors for Large Building Construction Projects2014
Abdullatif, Abdellah Design Documents Deficiency Types Causes, Effects, and Prevention2014
Waleed UmerFeasibility of Use of Real Time Location System on the Construction Jobsites2014
Mohammad AtmezaProject Planning in Construction Industry in SA: A Contractor's Perspective2015
Abdulaziz Al-QarraFinancial Management of Contruction Projects in Saudi Arabia2015
Mohammed ShoebRisk Management in Construction Industry is Saudi Arabia: A contractors Perspective2015
Mohammed Ahme Al-GahzariBarriers to Utilize Buildin Information Modelling (BIM) in the Construction Industry of Saudi Arabia2015
Khaled Zakariya ShaarDesign Construction Interface Problems in Large building Construction Projects2015
Meer Aiaz AliSub Contractors Selection Criteria for Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia2015
Saad Al-NajdiImproving work sampling ability to predict Construction labor productivity2015
Mohammed TomaziehVariations of Owners Estimated Quantities for Highway Projects in Unit Price Contracts in Saudi Arabia2015
Shadi AbdoFactors Ffaecting Contigency Amount in Bidding for Large Construction Projects: Contractors Perspective2015
Ahmed Mohammed Zaki SayedBarriers to Utilize to GovernmentalSector E-Bidding Within Saudi Arabia Construction Industry2016
Khalid AshmawiAssessment of Risk Sharing in the Saudi Public Contract2016
Ammar Saeed Moohaialdin Construction Workers Under Harsh Weather Conditions: Measuring Physiology Impact2016
Mohammed TomaziehVariations of Owners Estimated Quantities for Highway Projects in Unit Price Contracts in Saudi Arabia2016
Basheeruddin FasiuddinCrane Accidents in the Saudi Arabian Construction Industry2016
Adnan AhmadPlanning and Scheduling Techniques in Projects: Saudi Arabia2016
BaderSuccess Factors Implementing Value Engineering Proposals I Saudi Arabia2016
Ahmad AbzakhAssessing Rediness of the Saudi Construction Organization for Business Process Reengineering2016
Mohammed AshmawiBarries to Implmentation of Public Private Partnership in Housing Projects in SaudiArabia: Real Estate Developers perpective2016
Khalid El-SakkaDeveloping a Customer Satisfaction Index for Arabian Construction Industry2016
Mohammed Hashim IbrahimkhilAssessment of Safety Factors and Safety Performance In Afghnistan Construction Industry2016
Khalid Ali Ayyatt Construction Productivity Influencing Factors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2017
Saud Al-KhaldiIntegrating Operability and Maintainability Into Constructability Implementation in Petrochemical Projects 2017